What are the advantages of the Honda diesel power train for cars?

As the demand to adapt to greener lifestyles and environmentally-cleaner ways of living is increasing, there are a growing number of motorists opting for cars that are cleaner to the environment and more fuel-efficient. As Honda are widely acclaimed for pioneering the way in ‘greener’ forms of vehicles, if you are on the market for an eco-friendly car, the chances are you are considering one from Honda.

To help you understand the interior complexities of what makes Honda’s eco cars as beneficial as they are it is important to look at the manufacturer’’ development across all areas of the motor industry.

Between 2004 and 2009 the Tier II emission standard regulations were phased in in the United States. Within the Tier II ranking, there is a sub-rating which ranges from BIN 1 – 10, with 10 being the dirtiest emissions that a vehicle can emit into the atmosphere and 1 being the cleanest and is a Zero Emission Vehicle.

In 2007 the U.S. implemented new Tier II Bin 5 regulations and in order to comply with these regulations Honda announced the development of a diesel power train that is as clean as a traditional gasoline vehicle.

So what exactly are the advantages of the Honda diesel power train for cars?

Diesel is more fuel efficient than gasoline engines
With the price of petrol now at unprecedented levels, budget-conscious motorists are increasingly looking for alternatives to petrol driven vehicles. As diesel engines are approximately 30% more fuel efficient than petrol, diesel cars have always been a popular alternative for motorists wanting to see their fuel go further. Is this sense Honda cars that are powered by an impressive diesel power train, are more fuel efficient than many of the vehicles that do not have this system.

Less greenhouse emissions
As diesel cars are notoriously harmful to the environment, spewing out greater amounts of harmful gases than petrol cars, you may be wondering how Honda vehicles that are powered by a diesel power train are environmentally friendly.

Honda’s innovative technology is based on a system that both generates and stores ammonia in a two-layered catalytic converter. The converter then turns the harmful greenhouse gas nitrogen oxide produced by the diesel into harmless nitrogen.

Carbon emissions are also heavily reduced in a number of Honda’s new hybrid creations. These combine an electric motor with a traditional combustion engine to offer drivers the performance of a conventional car with the environmental benefits of an electric vehicle.

Requires no heavy add-ons
Despite car manufacturers DaimlerChrysler having already started developing a similar process, Honda claim that its own system is superior as it is a lot less complex and does not require any heavy add-ons to make ammonia from area-based additives. This gives motorists the chance to protect the environment with as little impact on their finances and lifestyle as possible, making these cars the perfect choice.