Thank you & more

1st, let me say thanks to the contributors over the last few weeks, the releases are appreciated[as are all from all]

2nd, The next 8-10 posts will be on 4shared only. As stated B4, if you get the sign up logo,they are asking you to sign up for a FREE ACCT ONLY.You can find out all the reasons in the FAQ at the bottom of the page.They are not tracking you, but want to be able to supply bandwidth, I download at 1.5MB--4.75MB on all computers, and you may get more but never slow as some[45kb, or 120kb]
So it's your choice, PS I get nothing by you signing up, just you having to d/l with no problems..

Re-uploads will also be done on comments after the repost,or if the file is available.

Example.. ROUND HOUSE--3 D is down, I have the disc somewhere but haven't found it yet,either physically or on a drive...


and enjoy the upcoming posts... I sure have....