Study Finds that Average Fuel Economy for New Cars Rises to 23.4MPG

A report from TrueCar found that average fuel economy for new cars sold in the States continues to rise. Before we look into the details, we should note that the automotive analyst employs EPA's average fuel economy rating using 45 percent highway and 55 percent city driving behavior, which it names "TrueMPG".

For the month of March, the TrueMPG of all new vehicles sold in March 2012 increased to 23.4mpg US (10.5lt/100km or 28.1mpg UK), compared to 23.2 mpg in February of 2012, 22.0 mpg in March 2011 and. 20.3 mpg (11.6lt/100km or 24.4mpg UK) in March of 2008.

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