What I in general like about Poseidon release is that they manage to give a take on jazzy music -in the broadest sense of the term- that is just slightly different, new, tantalizing. This helps in being fresh and keeping the attention for a full album, instead a losing it along the way. This Roundhouse album, however, is comprised of jazzrocky tunes, freaky more often than not of a kind that has been used over and over in the seventies and eighties. There is a lot of the American clan back then (most clearly audible are Santana semblances, from the period he wasn't that good), but also some minor hints of the more jazzy oriented Italian progressive from the seventies and one KItaro key swoop in The Sea Wind." Roberto Lambooy "
Very limited edition, self released CDR reissue of the 2nd album, recorded in 1978 and 1979 by one of the best West Japanese progressive rock bands. This has a more prog/fusion sound than their first. "The structure of the music, dramatic and tight in the vein of of Return to Forever, topped with wailing guitar, perfectly hits the weakspot of many prog fans."
1) A Red Rose And Whisper Of A Devil 4.22
2) Endless Leep 2.38 --------------in player
3) A Splendid Dangerous Person 6.18
4) Wings To Rest 8.37
5) A City After The Rain 5.18
6) Softy Mist 1.27
7) A Tear Of Sphinx 6.08
8) The Sea Wind 5.19
9) Sweet Love (band Version) 5.06

Masayuki Kato - guitar
Yosiaki Uemura - bass
Hirosi Natori - drum
Kiyoharu Someta - keys
Yoshinobu Fujii - guitar



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