Here is the 3rd and final release from this great fusion band..Thank big thank you to 'a friend of the site/CB' appreciated. This band are must haves. I will reupload the others from them as well.

Recorded Live On August 12,13,1994,
At The Roppmgi PIT-INN,Tokyo,Japan

01. Departuer In The Dark 12:43 Jun Fukamachi
02. Modja 5:18 Jun Fukamachi
03. Batteria Solo 2:07 Hideo Yamaki
04. Dance Of Paranoia Opus 3 2:48 Jun Fukamachi
05. Owl Flight 9:40 Jun Fukamachi
06. Moon Beam 9:52 Jun Fukamachi
07. Dance Of Paranoia Opus 2 8:05 Jun Fukamachi
08. Rock'n Rocked Rock 12:21 Jun Fukamachi

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Jun Fukamachi - Piano,Synth
Akira Wada - Eelectric Guitar
Yasuo Tomikura - Electric Bass
Hideo Yamaki - Drums



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