[re post]Crosswind--Soshite Yume No Kuni [1982]

Title 'Into The Dreamland".
formed by guitarist Ginji Ogawa in 1976. They played jazzy progressive rock and made at least three albums – ‘Crosswind’ [1978], ‘II’ [1979] and ‘Soshite Yume No Kuni E’ [1982]. I’ve only heard the last of these, which is pretty good stuff, though sometimes a bit cheesy, with lots of fiery guitar work and comparisons to Finch, Camel and Ain Soph. Ogawa also performed in Carmen Maki’s band [see below]. After Crosswind broke up in 1984, Ogawa formed several other bands and began a solo career. In 2001 he re-emerged with Ginji Ogawa Band, playing prog apparently comparable to Camel, Yes, Focus, Rush & Jethro Tull.

1.Mori Wa Fushigi Na Omochabako
2.Asoko E Masshigura - 4:11
3.Minomushi - 6:46
4.Umitaro To Ringo - 5:35
5.Cross Country - 6:04
6.Hyakuju No O - 4:15
7.Kawa No Hotori De Hitoyasumi - 2:12
8.Soshite Yume No Kuni E - 9:49

Ginji Ogawa - Guitar
Megumi Maruo - Keyboards
Keizo Endo - Bass
Kiyoshi Sugimoto - Drums
Ogawa Ginji (guitar), Endo Keizo (bass), Sugimoto Kiyoshi (drums), Maruo Megumi (keyboards), Kobayashi Kazuo (bass), Soru Toru (drums), Furuki Yoshihiko (keyboards), Niida Kozo (percussion), Anzai Fumitaka (keyboards)



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