New Skoda Mission L Rendered as a Modern Day Replacement for the Rapid Coupe

If you exclude Skoda's conceptual Tudor from 2002 that was based on the first generation of the Superb, itself a rebadged Passat B5 with a longer wheelbase, the last time the Czech automaker had a coupe model in its range was in 1990 with the poorly built and designed Rapid.

The 1980s Rapid (not to be confused with Skoda's newer small sedan) was often called "the poor man's Porsche" because of its rear-engine, rear-wheel drive layout, though that's where the similarities ended.

The presentation of the almost production ready Mission L Concept sedan at last year's Frankfurt Motor Show sparked rumors about the development of more body styles. These were further fueled by remarks from Skoda board member Eckhard Scholz who said the company is indeed thinking about expanding the range of the series that has not yet been named.

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