Morning has Broken!

Every morning, committments permitting I walk up the lane with Freida and my walking companion Anne.

Today, Tuesday however was different as Anne is jetting away for 8 weeks to tour Australia with her husband off Freida and I trundled.

This is one of the most significant buildings in our village as it is one of the original ones from the 17th Century. Little has been done to it and it has recently been sold. It is to become a holiday cottage.


The horses are always a pleasant sight so early in the morning.

There is lots of activity at the duckpond too.

A mother and her ducklings left the bank as we passed and swam towards the rushes.

In the distance we could see the horses being put through their paces on the galloping circuit.

We decided not to go any further as we know there are a couple of new young horses and we didn't want to distract them from the task in hand - to become a race horse.

As we made our way home we saw Howard bringing breakfast for the horses.
I popped in on Anne and Malcolm to wish them a good journey! I will miss Anne so much. However they are away for 8 weeks and our own holiday preparations have also started. Both Freida and Elsie are booked into their places of residence - Freida with Auntie Joyce and Elsie with Auntie Jill. Ella despises travelling so I am checking out a local cattery today which will make her slightly happier when we are away. I love the anticipation and planning for a holiday, so roll on 1st June when we will be making our annual pilgrimage to the Isle of Man and all it has to offer!
Watch this space!
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