Next Order is a Japanese band formed in 2002. Heavy touring in Japan has cemented their rep as a wild yet disciplined mix of instrumental rock, jazz and free improvisation. Guitarist Yuji Muto is a graduate of the GIT Musicians Institute. The band has played live in Japan with Gongzilla, Tribal Tech and African Express Trio. Live-Refined is a totally live recording but no bootleg. The four piece band features two guitarists (Muto and Takumi Seino), one clean and one dirty, in constant communication. Their influences are Fusion, Thrash/Death Metal, and artists such as Allan Holdsworth, Gongzilla, King Crimson, Mike Stern, John Zorn, Napalm Death and Metallica. Instrumental Guitar (Electric (Heavy)/Fusion),

01. Death MeNtal
02. The Carrot & The Stick
03. The Carrot & The Stick
04. Oro Campo
05. No Hegitation
06. Fable
07. Simm 55
08. Locus
09. Angry Stone
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Yuji Muto — Guitar
Takumi Seino — Guitar
Atsutomo Ishigaki — Bass
Hiroshi “Gori” Matsuda — Drums



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