Lamborghini’s Humble Beginnings: Ferruccio and His Tractors

The 1963 Turin Auto Show was an event that saw the realisation of a dream that Ferruccio Lamborghini had nurtured for many years. After recruiting a team of talented designers, including Gian Paolo Dallara and Franco Scaglione, and four months of intense work, he presented the world’s first Lamborghini road car, the 350 GTV, to the media.

Although the unveiling was not without hiccups, most notably the absence of an engine, the car was well-received and the legend of Lamborghini road cars was born.

In the years that have followed, Lamborghini has grown to become synonymous with wealth and luxury. Stars like Jay Leno, Nicholas Cage and Ja Rule all drive Lamborghinis and the cars have been featured in everything from movies to rap videos.

Considering the glitz and glamour that often surrounds the vehicles that bear Ferruccio’s name, it may surprise some to learn that Lamborghini himself was a man of humble beginnings and that his bold, charging bulls were born out of a stable that was famous for producing hearty tractors as opposed to exotic supercars.

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