L is for Lengths

After a great few days around and about life is now back to as normal as life can ever be in the Nesbitt household. Hubby is busy at work and I am continuing with my quest to shed some more weight, ready for my new bike leathers.
My fitness regime commences each morning at 9.30 when I go for a 2 mile walk with Freida, together with my neighbour. To walk to the farm and back is exactly 2 miles. On a good day we may do it twice, covering 4 miles often we do a 3 mile version, but certainly each morning we always do 2 miles. If Anne isn't free, Freida and I do the walk and talk the talk. I must say the time and distance does fly by - when I have Anne to talk to. The distance is over the farm lane and it is good to see the horses - feeding at that time of the morning - so they rarely come to the fence.

Once home I get ready for the gym, a short car journey away. I do not enjoy the gym - I find it boring and very tedious. I have an exercise programme which involves the rowing machine, jogging machine, cycle and a couple of others which I may or may not use depending on if I can be bothered how I am feeling. I usually spend just under an hour in the gym before making my way to the swimming pool.

 I enjoy swimming - the pool is partitioned off into 3 sections, slow medium and fast. I stay in the slow section and try to do 32 lengths each time I visit - a distance of half a mile. The best part of the session for me, is the hot shower - then I know my gruelling morning keep fit regime is over, home for my boiled eggs!
Well, call me LOOPY but I have signed up for the Big Splash for Comic Relief!
I was LURED into the decision by an advertisement on TV! I found myself saying to Jon, "I am going to do it!" and before you knew it I had registered and signed up for this event, in an effort to raise funds for causes organised by both Comic Relief and the Marie Curie Cancer charity.

I have a couple more weeks left to train up for this event, so watch this space.

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