Kawasaki Ninja 250 Modified - Japan

I saw something unusual, you may not believe that the above picture is the famous motorcycle kawasaki skyrocketed enough, this is a true friend Kawasaki Ninja 250 is modified so that it becomes very fantastic shapes, here's a quote I read from autos.okezone.com.

Kawasaki Ninja 250 sport has a very strong view from out of the factory. So do not be surprised if many owners of motor sport from Japan is improving the style looks by modifying the MotoGP bike.

The consideration, in addition to easy to modify the model, supporting accessories are also already widely available in the market. But Studio Custom Motor Bike try to present something different through the Kawasaki Ninja 250 Flat Traker epithet.

Modifications are carried not too extreme but makes the Ninja has the character of a very powerful naked bike and look sexy. The whole body of the original "pellets from Japan" is taken off and replaced with new clothes. Anyone who sees this bike certainly not be surprised if this Ninja 250.

The original Ninja tank that fat was replaced with a smaller tank model of peanut. It is unknown how the content of the fuel capacity of this tank. Flat Traker stern look was very different. Taper models that characterize today's motor sport to change the model of a typical horizontal Cafe Racer.

External appearance look more frightening to doff the green color cast. While the sector whitewash yellow gold frame to support the view outside.

It seems that this bike is only for the rider alone. This can be seen from the seat of the model adopted for the single seater. An interesting look at the lighting sector, naked Ninja uses HID lamps are picked from the Toyota Rush. The lamp is placed in the right shockbreaker.

In order to look increasingly beyond the maximum, then the racing part was trying to smell like a foot step followed X-Race, K & N air filter and exhaust alerts Leovince SBK racing.

Changes in the sector of the legs did not seem eccentric and adapted to the posture Flat Traker. Alloy wheels wrapped bars next six sector Battlax Bridgestone 120/70-17 front tire, while the back carries the sector Battlax 150/70-17 Bridgestone tires.

  • Handlebar: Fatbar
  • Rearview: Koso
  • Headlights: Toyota Rush + HID
  • Rear lights: After Market
  • Exhaust: Leovince SBK
  • Footstep: X-Race
  • Air Filter: K & N
  • Front tire: 120/70-17 Bridgestone Battlax
  • Rear tire: 150/70-17 Bridgestone Battlax
  • Custom: Studio Motor Bike custome
  • Painting: Studio Comet