Japan's Version of the 2014 Honda Odyssey (Codename 2NM) rendering

For those of us in North America that are unfamiliar with the JDM Odyssey, it is a very different van than over here, it continues to use a 4cyl (like what we had from 1995-1997) and is much smaller than what we have here.... (This Mazda5 small)....
The current Odyssey is a midsize minivan produce by Honda since 1993.Now the car are devide in to 2 version.

An international version and North American version.The NA is a bigger size and bigger engine target for family transportation.

Now, The fourth generation RL5 Odyssey is produce in Lincoln, Alabama, since 2010 and replacement is not expect until the next fews year.

While the Japanese version which smaller, have low floor,low roof with more sporty styling is arrived since 2008. It now produce in Japan and China.

It’s not a good fortune that the car is not selling as much as Honda’s expectation in Japan as the sell volume is just about a half of the expect figure.

While the sale in China is recover its reputation as it have accepable sale at 30,404 unit and rank as 9th best selling people carrier in 2011.

The new Honda Odyssey is now under develope.

The new car expect to have 4800 mm long X 1800 mm wide X 1680 mm high which consider very similar to the current model.

The new Odyssey will powered by smaller 4 cylinder 2 liter petrol engine pair with electric motor (IMA system).

Fuel economy in JC08 mode is 20 km./liter.

The car information is very few right now but we have computer generate image from the Mag-x for your viewing pleasure.The confirmed sale start date at september 2013.