I Am Numéro 9: Citroën’s DS Concept in Detail with Over 120 High-Res Photos

Over the past few weeks, we managed to gather bits and pieces about Citroën’s newest DS concept study and now, we not only have more than 120 high-resolution photos to share with you, but we also have all the details in advance of its world premiere at the Beijing Motor Show on April 24.

Previously believed to be named the DS9, the French study is called the Numéro 9 concept, though Citroën makes it clear that it belongs to the DS lineup.

Citroën says that the Numéro 9 introduces the more chic and premium DS lineup to Chinese consumers before the company launches its first DS products onto the market later this year.

More importantly though, Citroën states that the Numéro 9 refines the brand's design language and signals the styling cues of the next three DS line models including a C-segment premium sedan (think Audi A3 Sedan), an SUV and a D-segment (mid-size) executive saloon.

As you can see, Citroën is all hyped up about its DS line, which currently consists of the DS3 supermini, DS4 compact hatch and the larger DS5, and all for good reason as it has notched up more than 200,000 sales worldwide just two years after launch.

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