Honda Dreams!

A couple of nights ago I found myself looking at the Honda website. A great prize promotion was planned for Saturday and Sunday, ie this weekend. I registered both Jon and myself and today we tootled over to our nearest Honda dealer.

There was a range of the latest Honda motorcycles to drool over! I liked this one.........

This one too - but apparantly the engine is a strange one (Jon's words) - we did try one out a couple of years ago....and didn't like it!

This is a big tourer.

This was another one I liked!

Anyway.....we took along our reference numbers from the Honda competition website...........
The chappie typed in Jon's reference - Jon won a Honda retro T-shirt.

He then typed in my reference............. look what I won!


It just so happens we need new helmets so when my helmet arrives from Honda Jon will buy a matching one. Peter, the manager, who we know quite well said he would sort us both out and Jon could have a good discount! Good eh? A great start to the weekend I think. Tomorrow, Sunday we head over to Scarborough for the Road Races!

Watch this space!