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This live album recorded in the Goethe institute in Jakarta, is mostly lead by the rather improvised but often somewhat jazz mood piano, with Indonesian percussion and fretless bass. "Spur of the moment" also has some vocal improvisation by Nyak Ina Raseuki. On "Worthseeing" we hear a fusion styled electric guitar solo. The album is fine, shows a moody and professional live jazz concert, without much surprising elements. The last track, a jazzy soulful spiritually driven song with an introduction poem read in German/Indonesian, is a bit different.SIMAK DIALOG is another pleasant surprise from Indonesia. This Jakarta-based combo was formed in 1993 by Riza Arshad (keyboards) and Tohpati (guitars).

The band plays an unique blend of musical styles: with jazz-rock/fusion in its core, heavily influenced with Gamelan music, as well as another Indonesian musical forms, to electronica, psychedelia and various aspects of rock.

This bizarre yet highly enjoyable, elaborated and smart music fusioning is mostly written by Arshad, who's the brainchild behind the band. The band members, aside already mentioned guitarist Tohpati, are: Adhithya Pratama (bass), Endang Ramdan and Erlan Suwardana (both managing the percussion and vocal duties, percussion being mostly Sundanese kendang).

The band released six albums so far (last two being international releases), and they had been awarded several times.

Live, released in 2005

1. One Has To Be (13:34)
2. Spur Of The Moment (13:02)
3. Kemarau (11:07)
4. Worthseeing (16:22)
5. Kain Sigli (19:49)

Total Time: 71:52

Line-up / Musicians
- Riza Arshad / acoustic piano, Fender Rhodes electric piano and synth
- Tohpati Ario Hutomo / electric, synth & acoustic guitars
- Adhitya Pratama / electric fretless bass
- Endang Ramdan / Sunda kendang and toys
- Emy Tata Makassar / kendang, ceng-ceng, kethuk, vocals and poetry reading (Bahasa Indonesian language)
- Nyak Ina Raseuki "Ubiet" / vocals (tracks 2 and 5)

Guest musician:
- Marla Stukenberg / poetry reading (German) (5)



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