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W.I.N.S. gets is name from the first initials of each
members last names, Wada, Ishiguro, Nagai,
Suganuma. This is a fusion supergroup effort, as
each members has ties with other Japanese bands of
both progressive rock and fusion genres. The music
falls between three of the band members' styles quite
nicely, Guitarist - Akira Wada (Prism), and drummer -
Kozo Suganama (Fragile), and keybordist - Akira
Ishiguro (RX), and Toshimi Nagai (Vienna), which is
to say that the music is heavy, technical instrumental
fusion, not so much unlike that of Brand X, UK, Tribal
Tech, or The Elektric Band. The musicians are equal
to any of these bands, showing world-class chops
and great songs to feature them. If this was in fact a
one shot release, I must say, it leaves me wanting for
more. I have had the priviledge of hearing each
members respective bands, and all are fantastic
groups as well, Fragile, RX, and Prism are all
blistering hot fusion bands, while bassist Toshimi
Nagai's band Vienna is a fine progressive rock band.
Unfortunatly, finding these bands outside of Japan
can be both difficult and expensive, but when the
music is this good, it's well worth the sacrifice, for
every cd bought unheard that left me dissapointed,
bands like this give you every pennies worth!!!!!

Delusion Area-6:10
Earth Dance-6:05
Beat Kids-13:28
Sirens Voice-7:01
Dance of the Harlrquin-9:56
Alchemic Smile-7:15
Moon Struck-11:48

320 HQ cbr


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