Not the same as the other one posted from 1996. Thanks again to "Dave" for ripping and uploading these, appreciated.
Best albums of new songs recorded 3 of 15 songs. Looking at the band's genre of the album "Piano Music", "healing" but, the more is it just a little image of bulls. The ballads have been collected, the center recorded the original 73 minutes. ? Is good music. ? It ideal for BGM not noisy. The song also has a whiff of the fusion scene, except, most people will change the scene with light. And sometimes nostalgic glimpse of a favorite Japanese melodies, I feel immersed in the sound I want this. The new record marks the only impression, the impression of the first track in a quiet and majestic land as the title track gently played with only nine beautiful piano music of Morricone work Enrio. Solo piano track is almost 15, here seasoned synth effective. (Released February 02, 2000)

1 Horizon
2 In Yore Arms
3 Essence
4 Somewhere in Time
5 Etude
6 Over the Seven Seas
7 Track 7 Title in Kanji
8 Sunset Beach
9 Playing Love
10 Lady Moonlight
11 Once and Forever
12 Happiest You (For Yor Wedding)
13 Apres L'Amour (Missing You)
14 Night in Capri
15 Calling You



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