[RE DONE]Prism--Visions[1982] FLAC

1.Rhythm Of The Light (Satoshi Nakamura)
2.Tearscape (Chis Mosbell/Satoshi Nakamura)
3.I Know That (Satoshi Nakamura)
4.Wind (Akira Wada)
5.The First Sky And The Last Sea (Chis Mosbell/Ken Watanabe)
6.While You Blink 8 Times (Ken Watanabe)
7.Footprints On Water (Ken Watanabe)
8.A-So-Bi-Ma-Sho (Satoshi Nakamura)
9.Wind (Akira Wada)

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Akira Wada - guitar
Ken Watanabe - bass
Jun Aoyama - drums
Satoshi Nakamura - keyboards



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