My sketchbook : on the road & underground.

Hey everyone, its been an interesting few days working on my next series of images. But more of that on a later note, thought i'd update you all with last weeks sketchbook work in the mean time. If you've read in my previous posts or seen my work before, i draw a lot while traveling place to place. Especially on the night bus home from work at times has its moments beleagured with the sleeping nation. Last week i didn't capture as many people asleep as I usually do on my travels,  my theory being the start of the month. Maybe at the end of the month just after pay day theres a higher chance in finding people at comfort on the night bus home and preferably not have a clue or care that I'm drawing them #LondonTransport .
This man last Saturday in the Clapham area was so at peace asleep but with really red cheeks giving the alcohol effect away. So i got out my sketchbook and enjoyed the of my journey home from work with him for company. 
In my previous posts I've mentioned about getting ready to start painting in the streets again with spring now at our doors. Once again bringing out Stella Forever, Amelia Smash, Huracan Ramirez and some new characters. I'm very excited to start doing spontaneous and expressive lines on public walls again at a colossal scale. Those who have seen my work before on the streets, its only going to get bigger, better with loads new characters and shapes. Here are some doodles i did to kickstart my 1st piece of Stella Forever running from a situation as always. Karma going to get you Stella Forever.
Right i will have to leave it here, since i need to really start working on this illustration 'The mystery of China's big spenders'. Before getting ready for a long weekend at work and fitness. Hoping to run 4 marathons this year and a triathlon across the UK.