[LOSSLESS][RE POST]Prism--Silence of the Motion [1987]

1.Suspencible The Fourth (Akira Wada)
2.In The Afternoon (Ken Watanabe)
3.And In The Evening (Akira Wada)
4.Come On (Ken Watanabe)
5.Somebody Like You (Ken Watanabe)
6.Oppositely Maybe (Akira Wada)
7.The Crew's Blues (Ken Watanabe)
8.Still(Bass-solo) (Ken Watanabe)
9.You're Still Dancin' (Ken Watanabe)
10.The Ballroom In T.V (Ken Watanabe)

Related Artists:::

Akira Wada - guitar
Ken Watanabe - bass
Jun Fukamachi
Yoshikazu Matsuura



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