In progress, Stella Forever : The Certified Creeper

Morning everyone, 
What a busy week i've had, working as always, visiting art shows, coffee after work but most of all working on this image new image The Certified Creeper. Its been on my drawing list to execute for a wee while so thought it was about time one begins while working on my other image Huracan Ramirez Vs Stella Forever. Its been a wee while since I've only used traditional materials in my finished pieces or even got my inks out, so be prepared for the return of the brushes! Will have this images all painted up by next week, keep your eyes peeled everyone. 
As for drawing the #sleepingnation on my travels to work and about in the london area this week has not been as successful as past weeks. I've only managed to catch the single person at his beyond caring point asleep on the night bus home. So i decided one will incorporate this weeks sleeping nation drawings with last weeks and hope i have better luck. So no drawing this week i do apologise but on a higher note i have started 2 new sketchbooks and got a fresh pair of kicks. Spring is looking all very exciting now the sun is starting to blossom. 
Started working at Somerset House which is going well and more on that in my next post. I leave it here since i have a long day at work ahead of me getting the shop ready for Pick Me Up. Got a lush cheeky goat cheese salad baguette for lunch. Lets hope this weather stays promising.