I is for Incentive!

We have been making the most of the wonderful weather - hence my absence. Saturday saw us tootle down to Harrogate to see Dorothy and Keith, Sunday we went to a bikers cafe near Leeds. Today we went to Barnard Castle.....where I was measured up for my new bike leathers. My current ones are now far too big, apart from looking a site really they are not all that safe. The armour patches are not stable due to the fit being baggy.
The lady who measured me was very good - obviously she is well experienced and familiar with customers whims etc. She commented on my small hands and feet and used the word petite.........just for my hands and feet I presume!!!!! But it did make me think that whilst I have lost 2 stone I am getting nearer to a more desired weight.....
The leather will be ordered in - the same blue as Jon's and in about 6 weeks the cutting will commence. So.....in 6 weeks time the measurements will be checked!
A good opportunity for a determined, focus on achieving a better result. The wine has gone on hold and tomorrow I will commence my fitness regime. I am OK with the diet side of matters - but the keep fit business has to be started!
Watch this space!

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