Honda Named Automotive “Brand of the Year” in Harris EquiTrend Poll

Honda has had a rough go as of late, with reduced sales in 2011 due to production shortages as a result of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Prior to that, there were criticisms of the new 2012 Honda Civic.

None of that, however, has phased consumers it would appear, with Honda being named the full line Automotive Brand of the Year in the latest Harris EquiTrend Poll. Measuring brand leadership in a total of 127 different categories, Harris Interactive surveyed 38,529 U.S. consumers aged 15 and older.

Ranked second overall is Toyota, another Japanese automaker that’s had its share of bad press over the past few years. This would seem to indicate the long term reputation of each of those brands hasn’t been affected by these most recent events.

In third place is Ford Motor Company, which topped the list last year followed by Chevrolet, then Honda, Toyota and Nissan. For 2012, Chevrolet has dropped two spots to fourth, while Nissan remains in fifth place.

In terms of luxury automotive brands, Mercedes-Benz tops the list followed by BMW and then Lexus.