Fresh News : Type

Hey everyone, finally managed to find the time to sit at my desk and catch up with posting new works and finish off a few drawings. This week has been pretty interesting, mainly working, and visited Lucien Frauds show @ National Portrait Gallery which was most wonderful. His   command of colour, most magnificent and was such a nice atmosphere to be part of. As always been drawing on my travels #thesleepingnation on the #londontransport but will be posting this weeks drawings on Thursday, to keep you all in suspense. 

In my post last week I mentioned working on some type towards my website, I've been meaning to finish off after it sitting in my journal for the past few months. So i sat down and edited it all and even slipped in a drawing of Mexico's patient Saint, Virgin De Guadeloupe on the letter S. Having lived there and being half Mexican myself I'm fascinated by its culture naturally, I was hoping to go there in December to witness how the Mayans celebrate the end of the world 2012.  But with my goals for this year 2012, I started writing this week, I might be too optimistic unless I win the lottery. 
The other week on my Birthday I went to the Wellcome Collection to see there 'Mexican Miracle Painting' exhibition, it was so lovely, having witnessed them in there environment in Mexico. It felt most refreshing seeing these wee paintings appreciated by the rest of the world and in such an establishment based in Euston, London. Followed by visiting David Shrigley : Brain Activity that was a good laugh, for those who don't know his work he's best known for his drawings that make witty and wry observations on everyday life. As for my birthday meal i went to have a wonton noodle soup with a wee pot of jasmine tea to end the day off before going home to read a book I'm currently reading in bed with PJ Harvey beats in the background. 
I will leave it here since i need to start editing this next drawing of Huracan Ramirez Vs Stella Forever in a fight, will updating you all on the matter in my next post along with my observational drawings of the #sleepingnation later this week. Give my website a cheeky ganger. 

Speak to you all very soon,