The 2012 Honda Civic will be the first car to get the Earth Dreams 1.6 Liter i-DTEC turbo diesel engine

Again, not for us in North America....

Honda has a top priority Earth Dreams project that it has had running at its Japan research and development center for a while now. The project we’re talking about involves the development of a range of new generation turbodiesel engines that the Japanese automaker will use in its future products, as it seeks to improve market share in times when diesel engines cars are become more and more preferred by car buyers across the world for their high fuel economy and low CO2 emissions.

The first engine that Honda has spawned out of its Earth Dreams turbodiesel engine project will power the upcoming 2012 Honda Civic Sedan. This turbo diesel engine displaces 1.6 liters and comes in an inline four cylinder layout. The 1.6 Liter i-DTEC engine pumps out a peak power of 120 Bhp generated at a low 4,000 rpm while the peak torque of 300 Nm generated at 2,000 rpm talks the loudest, with it being a class leading figure considering the i-DTEC engine’s displacement.

This apart, the other big story surrounding the 1.6 Liter i-DTEC turbo diesel engine is the low carbon dioxide emission level, which at 95 grams/Km is outstanding. Also, the Honda i-DTEC engine is said to be the world’s lightest aluminium open deck 1.6-liter diesel engine due to the use of strong yet light weight materials in its construction. The 1.6 Liter i-DTEC engine will be manufactured at Honda’s UK plant at the end of 2012.

In due course of time, expect this very engine to arrive into India as Honda desperately needs a diesel engine in its portfolio to survive and thrive in the Indian car market, which has migrated to the more fuel efficient diesel engined cars due to the prices of the non-subsidized petrol rising even as diesel remains the overwhelmingly cheaper alternative due to the Indian government subsidizing it.