Thanks to "soshi" for this as well, appreciated.
This live album recorded in the Goethe institute in Jakarta, is mostly lead by the rather improvised but often somewhat jazz mood piano, with Indonesian percussion and fretless bass. "Spur of the moment" also has some vocal improvisation by Nyak Ina Raseuki. On "Worthseeing" we hear a fusion styled electric guitar solo. The album is fine, shows a moody and professional live jazz concert, without much surprising elements. The last track, a jazzy soulful spiritually driven song with an introduction poem read in German/Indonesian, is a bit different.SIMAK DIALOG is another pleasant surprise from Indonesia. This Jakarta-based combo was formed in 1993 by Riza Arshad (keyboards) and Tohpati (guitars).

The band plays an unique blend of musical styles: with jazz-rock/fusion in its core, heavily influenced with Gamelan music, as well as another Indonesian musical forms, to electronica, psychedelia and various aspects of rock.

This bizarre yet highly enjoyable, elaborated and smart music fusioning is mostly written by Arshad, who's the brainchild behind the band. The band members, aside already mentioned guitarist Tohpati, are: Adhithya Pratama (bass), Endang Ramdan and Erlan Suwardana (both managing the percussion and vocal duties, percussion being mostly Sundanese kendang).

The band released six albums so far (last two being international releases), and they had been awarded several times.

Live, released in 2005

1. One Has To Be (13:34)
2. Spur Of The Moment (13:02)
3. Kemarau (11:07)
4. Worthseeing (16:22)
5. Kain Sigli (19:49)

Total Time: 71:52

Line-up / Musicians
- Riza Arshad / acoustic piano, Fender Rhodes electric piano and synth
- Tohpati Ario Hutomo / electric, synth & acoustic guitars
- Adhitya Pratama / electric fretless bass
- Endang Ramdan / Sunda kendang and toys
- Emy Tata Makassar / kendang, ceng-ceng, kethuk, vocals and poetry reading (Bahasa Indonesian language)
- Nyak Ina Raseuki "Ubiet" / vocals (tracks 2 and 5)

Guest musician:
- Marla Stukenberg / poetry reading (German) (5)



Link in comments::: original post--9/7/2011

BMW F650GS will be introduced in India

This is to be introduced in India later by BMW "F650GS". by some estimates, the type of dirt bike will arrive this May.

F650GS has a parallel with 798cc engine weight 200 kg, whereas it is quite complicated as heavy weight to traverse off-road terrain, F650GS with a 4 stroke engine, two-cylinder engine with 4 valves per cylinder with maximum power of 71PS at 7,000 rpm with a torque of 75Nm at 4500 rpm.

F650GS able skyrocketed with a maximum speed of 185 km / h, the wheel using a rim size 2.50x19 front and 3.50x17 rear, and equipped with a 300mm diameter disc brakes with dual piston "front" and 265mm "rear".

Altius Scimitar 670 Diesel Bike

With the news of Gasoline Fuel price hike, bike makers continue to make its latest innovation, of course, makes a motorcycle with a cheaper fuel than gasoline, diesel fuel that is, to be sure the engine is diesel engines.
Motorcycle is named Altius scimitar 670, this is a manufacturer from india, Altius scimitar equipped with single cylinder diesel engine with indirect injection capacity of 670cc, the engine is claimed to be able to issue a power of up to 33 horsepower, with maximum torque of 53Nm.

And most interestingly, Altius scimitar 670 designed for two tracks, that is track asphalt, and off-road.

Altius Scimitar 670 Diesel Bike Specifications

  • Type : Off-road
  • Top Speed : 152kph
  • Single Cylinder Liquid cooled Four : stroke diesel engine with indirect injection (idi)
  • Displacement : 670cc
  • Max Power : 33 Bhp @ 5700rpm
  • Max Torque : 54 Nm @ 3300rpm
  • Chassis type : N/A
  • Length : 2296.00 mm
  • Width : 960.00 mm
  • Height : 1219.00 mm
  • Wheelbase : 1481.00 mm
  • Ground Clearance : 211.00 mm
  • Weight : 176.00 kg
  • Front Suspension : Telescopic forks
  • Rear Suspensions : Linked monoshock
  • Brakes : 280mm petal disc and 240mm petal disc
  • Self Start
  • Five speed Gear
  • Stroke : 0 and bore 0
  • Tyre size front : Dual purpose 90/90×21
  • Tyre size rear : 2/90×17
  • Wheel Type : Spoke Wheels
  • New setup seats

Janek Gwizdala--Mystery To Me [2004]

Here is [as promised] the 1st studio relrase from him..more to come...
Mystery to Me was recorded by Albert Leusink at Manhattan center studios in New York City on Nov 4th 2003 in one take in front of a live studio audience. It was mixed the following day by Juan Pablo Alcaro, and Mastered shortly after at the Hit Factory by Nathan James.

Mystery To Me 04:39
Why 06:29
Joshua 07:13
Darkness 05:21
Time Stands Still 04:47
P.K. 04:54
Circles 06:54
A.M.S.K. 06:37
B's Song 01:31

And Another Thing 06:32

Related Artists:::

Janek gwizdala - Bass, jojo mayer - Drums, tim miller - Guitar, elliot mason - Bass Trumpet/Trombone/Keyboards, mark turner - Tenor Saxophone, gretchen parlato - Vocals, gergoire maret - Harmonica



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simakDIALOG--Demi Masa [2009]

Another one from this fine INDO. jazz/fusion-jazz/rock band..

1. Salilana Pertama (Forever, Part 1) 14:01
2. Salilana Kedua (Forever, Part 2) 6:46
3. Tak Jauh Pertama (Not So Far, Part 1) 7:42
4. Tak Jauh Kedua (Not So Far, Part 2) 9:11
5. Trah Lor - Laras (Northern People - Voices) 2:28
6. Trah Lor - Rupa (Northern People - Faces) 3:41
7. Trah Lor - Tapak (Northern People - Prints) 3:46
8. Karuhun (To Elders) 9:06
9. Disapih (Separate Away) 13:16

Line Up:
- Riza Arshad / Fender Rhodes electric piano, Yamaha acoustic grand piano, Oberheim OBX analog synthesizer
- Tohpati / electric & acoustic guitar
- Adhithya Pratama / bass guitar
- Endang Ramdan / lead Sundanese kendang percussion, tambourine, claps, toys, vocals
- Erlan Suwardana / Sundanese kendang percussion, claps, toys, vocals

Guest musicians:
- Emy Tata / Sundanese kendang percussion, claps, toys, vocals (2)
- Mian Tiara / vocals (7)
- Dave Lumenta / soundscapes (8)



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Here's another in the Sony Image Series, thanks to "fen" for this as well, appreciated.

01. Aegean Fantasy (Matsutouya Masataka)
/ Enchanted
/ Island Girl
02. Atlantis (Falcon Ishikawa Department)
03. Rege Aege Woman (Hosono Haruomi)
04. Mykonos Bride (Hosono Haruomi)
05. Image (Matsutouya Masataka)
06. Rose in waves (Matsutouya Masataka)
07. Day Break (Falcon Division Ishikawa)
08. Aphrodite grief (Falcon Division Ishikawa)

Related Artists:::
Haruomi Hosono, Takahiko Ishikawa, Masataka Matsutohya
(Yukihiro Takahashi,
Tatsuro Yamashita,
Minako Yoshida,
Murakami Ponta Suichi,
Kon zuyoshi
Hideki Matsutake,
Nobu Saito)



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Janek Gwizdala--3 releases...

Here are the 3 latest relerases from this British bassist. [he played on Takanori Niida's Live recording]. H also has a 4th which I'll post tomorrow...


01 Crushing
02 It Only Happens Once
03 Two Bars
04 Social Network
05 Parallel Worlds
06 Straight Lines
07 Benny
08 You Rang
09 Lonely Puppy
10 Swamp Landing

Related Artists:::
Janek Gwizdala - Bass, Mark Guiliana - Drums, John Ellis - Tenor Sax, Tim Miller - Guitar, Justin Vasquez - Alto Sax, Jojo Mayer - Drums




The Space In Between, Janek's third album as a leader, was released on October 26th 2010. The album features Jojo Mayer, Tim Miller, Mike Stern, James Valentine of Maroon 5, Airto Moreira, Bob Reynolds, Doug Wamble and Audun Waage.

1.To Begin 05:31 .

2.Bethany 07:31

3.Twice 04:13

4.The Space In Between 07:57

5.Carrot Juice 02:01

6. Next 08:30

7.Four Brothers 07:32


3--Live at the 55bar [2008]
Live at the 55bar was recorded live over two nights in Nov 2007, and released February 7, 2008.[2] It features Oli Rockberger, Elliot Mason, Brad Mason, Justin Vasquez, Tobias Ralph, and Tim Miller.

1.Intro 02:21

2.Culture 11:12

3.Mana Story 01:59

4.Mana 09:14

5.Alibea 07:59

6.That Stern Look 11:12

7.Aphelion 12:57

8.Mana (alt. take bonus track) 10:48


Jacket Potato--Rhythm of Life [2011]

Here is a very nice jazz/fusion relerase from this Indo band. Thanks to 'jt'

01 Thx Boss ---IN PLAYER
02 Rhythm Of Life Feat Aminoto Kosin
03 Hope Feat Abigail Li Aftika
04 Answer
05 Im Not Alone
06 Forward
07 To The Sky
08 points
09 Welcome Home
10 Morning Breeze
11 Touching Heaven



Link in comments:::omuniuum.net is the record company that you can purchase from

The most realistic rendering of 2013-2014 Toyota RAV4

Tip of the hat goes to www.woodyscarsite.com for giving me the idea for searching this pic out....
The Mag-x of Japan is agian post latest rendering of the next generation Toyota RAV4.The rendering is based on Mag-x spyshots photos of the car while testing in Japan.Altrough the new car cover with heavy camouflage,Autotintrends can see some lines and light’s shape.The same source also post the computer generate image and Autotintrends can see that this rendering is most realistic we have seen until now.

The car will fallow styling of the current 3rd generation that not look too sporty and too conservative.The headlight’s shape is look similar of what wee seen in Land cruiser and Fortuner.The front grille have aluminum place horizontal like we have seen in some trim level of new Toyota Vitz/Yaris.The shoulder line is more sharper than current car.The roof line look slope and rear side’s window look very similar to current Nissan Qashqai.

The fourth generation RAV 4 wheelbase will have 2660 mm long (Compare to current generation of 2560 mm in short wheelbase version and 2660 mm of LWB). Overall size expect at 4500 mm long and 1815 mm wide and 1660 mm hight .The SuzukiFan’s website have reported that next Toyota Rav 4 will be longer but reduce to single model.

The new car (Codename 410A) will powered by block 3ZR-FE),4cylinder 2.0 liter and block 2AR-FE),4cylinder 2.5 liter petrol engine.While european version will carry on the 2.2 L 2AD-FTV turbodiesel I4 and the 2.2 L 2AD-FHV D-CAT turbodiesel I4.The car will goes one sale in Japan at november 2012 and rest of the world in 2013


[NEW LINKS][LOSSLESS]THE SQUARE>> Moment ~ Memorial Live at Chicken George ~ [2001 RD]


01 Opening ~ Adventures ~ Omens of Love -- 08:04.32
02 02 In the Grid-- 05:18.00
03 03 Travelers -- 06:30.18
04 04 Pioggia Di Capri--08:56.50
05 05 Friendship -- 05:01.62
06 06 Forgotten Saga-- 09:44.60
07 07 Giant Side Steps-- 09:48.45
08 08 Dooba Wooba !! -- 02:18.40
09 09 Breeze and You -- 05:26.53

01 All About You Sexy nape of the beloved-- 06:17.30
02 02 Treasure Island[Takarajima] -- 05:59.35
03 03 Hero [Yuh-Ja] -- 06:06.10
04 04 Truth -- 07:32.12
05 05 Control -- 06:26.00
06 06 Door to Tomorrow -- 06:20.28
07 07 Megalith -- 05:10.65
08 08 Tomorrow's Affair-- 07:27.35
09 09 Little Mermaid -- 05:36.20
10 Ten Hearts -- 09:54.67
11 11 It's Magic -- 06:58.63

Related Artists:::
Hirotaka Izumi : Piano, Keyboards, Orchestra Hit
Hiroyuki Noritake : Drums
Masahiro Andoh : Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Mitsuru Sutoh : Electric Bass
Ryo Hayashi : Keyboards, Prophet 5
Takeshi Itoh : Alto Saxophone, EWI, Flute



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Lagos to Experience 236 days of Heavy Rain fall in 2012

The Lagos State Commissioner for the Environment, Mr Tunji Bello, said at press conference yesterday that Lagosians should prepare for 236 days of heavy rain in 2012. According to his words::  
The natural phenomena that controlled 2011 rainfall are still in force and as such it has been predicted that rainfall will commence from Thursday, March 22, with a margin of error of four days. To a large extent we will agree that this prediction is true as the rains have started in Lagos. It has also been predicted that the end of the season for 2012 is November 12 with a margin of error of two days; with between November 10 and 14 as probable days. The total length of rainy season for the year is approximately put at 236 days with a margin of error of two days. Like last year, Lagos will experience heavy rainfall with serious intensity.
236 days of rain? This won't be nice!!!

2012 Suzuki GS150R

This replacement Suzuki motorcycle thunder 125, these is a true friend Suzuki GS150R equipped air-cooled engine, 4-stroke, SOHC with 149.5cc capacity by comparison boreXstroke 57x58, 6 mm.

2012 Suzuki GS150R with 9,35:1 compression ratio engine has a power capable of removing up to 13.8 bhp at 8500 rpm with torque of 13.4 Nm at 6,000 rpm which is channeled through a 6-speed transmission

Suzuki GS150R available in 4 color options as follows
  1. Candy Max Orange/Pearl Nebular Black (EAJ)
  2. Pearl Nebular Black (YAY)
  3. Peal Mirage White (YPA)
  4. Candy Dark Greenish Blue/Pearl Nebular Black (HVT)
2012 Suzuki GS150R Specifications

  • Type Air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC
  • Bore x Stroke (mm) 57.0 x 58.6
  • Displacement (cm3) 149.5
  • Max Power 13.8bhp @ 8,500rpm
  • Max Torque 13.4Nm @ 6,000rpm
  • Compression Ratio 9.35:1
  • Carburetor BS26 with TPS
  • Ignition CDI
  • Starting Electric & Kick
  • Transmission 6-speed (1-down, 5-up)
  • Front Telescopic, Coil Spring, Oil Damped
  • Rear Swingarm Type Coil Spring, Oil and Gas Damped
Tyre Size
  • Front 2.75-18 42P
  • Rear 100/90-18 M/C 56P
  • Front Hydraulic single disc
  • Rear Drum
  • Fuel Tank Capacity (l) 15.5
  • Overall Length (mm) 2,095
  • Overall Width (mm) 785
  • Overall Height (mm) 1,120
  • Wheelbase (mm) 1,335
  • Ground Clearance (mm) 160
  • Seat Height (mm) 790
  • Kerb Mass (kg) 149

Honda Introduces Solar Hydrogen Station on Saitama Prefectural Office Grounds

FCX Clarity Used in Electric Vehicle Testing Program to Serve as Mobile Electric Generator

TOKYO, Japan, March 27, 2012 - Honda Motor Co., Ltd. unveiled a Solar Hydrogen Station on the grounds of the Saitama Prefectural Office. The initiative is part of the Electric Vehicle Testing Program for Honda’s next-generation personal mobility products with Saitama Prefecture, in which Honda, Iwatani and Saitama Prefecture collaborate to build. In a further initiative, Honda has equipped the FCX Clarity fuel cell electric vehicle with an outlet to function as a 9kW power source. Since the FCX Clarity uses a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen to produce power with zero CO2 emissions, with its new outlet, the vehicle will be able to serve as a zero-emission mobile electric generator.

This is the first installation in Japan of a total system to produce, store and dispense hydrogen with ZERO CO2 emissions. A high pressure water electrolysis system, uniquely developed by Honda, produces hydrogen. With no mechanical compressor, the system is nearly silent and highly energy efficient. Using Solar and grid power, the system is capable of producing 1.5kg of hydrogen within 24 hours which enables an FCX Clarity to run approximately 150km or 90 miles. Honda aims to further develop the system to offer clean energy sources for the home in the future.


Car and Driver: A look at the 2013 Honda Accord

What It Is: The ninth generation of the longest-running 10Best winner. Unlike many of  its mid-size competitors, the Accord will continue to be offered as a coupe and a sedan. Slightly smaller and lighter than the current Accord, the new version also will have softer lines and more cohesive styling.

Why It Matters: This Accord will be as important to Honda as anything it’s done in the past decade. Will it be able to beat the growing range of exceptional mid-size competitors? Will it have the magic feel of previous Accords? Will Honda get its size right? Will it deliver Honda-style innovation and fuel economy? The new Accord needs to answer these questions in the affirmative.

Platform: The new Accord likely  will be based on an updated version of  the current car’s architecture.

Powertrain: While many mid-size competitors are dropping their six-cylinder options, the Accord will offer a revised and more powerful version of its familiar 3.5-liter V-6 with cylinder deactivation. But the bread-and-butter Accord will be the four-cylinder model. Direct injection helps the 2.4-liter four make at least 181 horsepower and 177 pound-feet of torque, with improved fuel economy. A six-speed manual will be offered; the automatic will be a CVT. A plug-in-hybrid version will couple a 2.0-liter four-cylinder with a 161-hp electric motor.  A 6-kWh lithium-ion battery  will offer 10 to 15 miles of city driving range and will recharge in less than four hours using a standard 120-volt outlet. Three selectable modes will allow the hybrid driver to choose among fully electric, hybrid, and “direct drive,” which decouples the electric motor for more efficient cruising.

Competition: Chevrolet Malibu, Ford Fusion, Hyundai Sonata, Kia Optima, Nissan Altima, Toyota Camry, Volkswagen Passat.

What Might Go Wrong: The conservatively styled and engineered Civic has us wondering if the Accord will suffer the same fate. After seeing the new Accord coupe in concept form at the Detroit auto show in January, the threat of dullness remains.

Estimated Arrival and Price: The two- and four-door Accords arrive this fall. Pricing is expected to remain in the $20,000-to-$30,000 range for the vast majority of the lineup. A well-equipped hybrid and a loaded V-6 model will crest $30,000.


Honda Named Automotive “Brand of the Year” in Harris EquiTrend Poll

Honda has had a rough go as of late, with reduced sales in 2011 due to production shortages as a result of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Prior to that, there were criticisms of the new 2012 Honda Civic.

None of that, however, has phased consumers it would appear, with Honda being named the full line Automotive Brand of the Year in the latest Harris EquiTrend Poll. Measuring brand leadership in a total of 127 different categories, Harris Interactive surveyed 38,529 U.S. consumers aged 15 and older.

Ranked second overall is Toyota, another Japanese automaker that’s had its share of bad press over the past few years. This would seem to indicate the long term reputation of each of those brands hasn’t been affected by these most recent events.

In third place is Ford Motor Company, which topped the list last year followed by Chevrolet, then Honda, Toyota and Nissan. For 2012, Chevrolet has dropped two spots to fourth, while Nissan remains in fifth place.

In terms of luxury automotive brands, Mercedes-Benz tops the list followed by BMW and then Lexus.


The 2012 Ninja ZX-6R Specs and price

This is a motorcycle champion in 2012, 2012 Ninja ZX-6R, with an 599cc engine, twin-spar aluminum frame and advanced suspension Showa. with three handsome colors Line Green/Metallic Spark Black, Passion Red/Metallic Spark Black, Metallic Spark Black/Flat Ebony. Of course the price of 2012 Ninja ZX-6R was fantastic, the range $ 10,299

2012 Ninja ZX-6R Specifications

  • Engine : Four-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC, four valves per cylinder, inline-four
  • Displacement : 599 cc
  • Bore x Stroke : 67.0 x 42.5mm
  • Compression Ratio : 13.3:1
  • Fuel System : DFI® with four 38mm Keihin throttle bodies, oval sub-throttles, two injectors per throttle body
  • Ignition : TCBI with digital advance
  • Transmission : 6-Speed
  • Final Drive : X-Ring Chain
  • Rake/Trail : 24 deg / 4.1 in.
  • Frame type : Aluminum perimeter
  • Front Tire Size : 120/70-ZR17
  • Rear Tire Size : 180/55-ZR17
  • Wheelbase : 55.1 in.
  • Front Suspension / wheel travel : 41 mm inverted Showa Big Piston fork with top-out springs, stepless compression and rebound damping, fully adjustable spring preload / 4.7 in.
  • Rear Suspension / wheel travel : Bottom-link Uni-Trak® with gas-charged shock, top-out spring and pillow ball upper mount, dual-range (high-/low-speed) stepless compression damping, 25-way adjustable rebound damping, fully adjustable spring preload / 5.3 in.
  • Front Brakes : Dual 300mm petal rotors with dual radial-mounted, four-piston, four-pad calipers
  • Rear Brakes : Single 220mm petal rotor with single-piston
  • caliper
  • Fuel Capacity : 4.5 gal.

Acura Will Debut New RLX Flagship Sedan in NYC [New York Auto Show]

by Justin Berkowitz of Car and Driver

Acura’s next flagship sedan will likely be called RLX, and is expected to debut next month at the New York auto show. The company hasn’t made an official announcement yet, but two signs point to RLX as the replacement badge for RL. First, Acura VP Jeff Conrad may have told Wards that RLX is the new name; when asked, Acura representatives declined to confirm whether the Wards quote was accurate. Second, the company has applied to trademark the name RLX with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Neither is dispositive, but taken together, we’re pretty convinced.

The RLX is set to replace the aged and out-classed RL, but will follow a similar formula. Like the outgoing RL, the RLX will feature all-wheel drive and a V-6 engine. This time, however, Acura’s range-topper will use a clever hybrid system to drive the rear wheels with electric motors. The setup should prove to be lighter and continue to offer rear-axle torque vectoring.

With the RLX replacing the RL, the TL will be the last car in the Acura lineup with a two-letter name. We’ve been told that Acura will offer just three sedans in the future—the new ILX and RLX will be two of those, meaning that either the TL or the TSX is likely to bite the dust. Given its two-letter name, the TL might be the more likely candidate, but Acura is currently in the process of trademarking TLX. We’ll just have to wait and see.


wheels are back

This winter, the plan was to take my beemer apart as it needed some new bearings for the gearbox and who knew what more.
However we didn't get round to it due to other projects.
So when the first nice sunny days of this year came, and I took it for a ride, I was reminded that the BMW wanted some attention by the whine of gearboxbearings.

The beemer is now fully taken appart, sadly I haven't spent much time on it, as two of my honda engines and my Golf decided they also wanted some attention, and I did want to keep some running transportation.
Luckaly my dad continued on with the beemer, so it is making progress.

Today I recieved a package containing the newly laced wheels.

The glassbeadblasted hubs as they were sent out:

and how the wheels came back:

excel 18" 2,50 rear

excel 19" 2,15 front

A bit wider then standard and shouldered for the classic look.

Heat wave: Lagos state govt warns against over exposure to sun

The heat in Lagos right now can kill somebody o. Environmental experts are blaming it on the rapid deforestation and degradation of Nigeria’s rainforest and urging residents to reduce the amount of time they stay in the sun.

Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Dr Jide Idris said:
Lagos is currently experiencing heat wave, which is a prolonged period of excessively and abnormally hot weather with temperature exceeding 32.2oc and it is usually accompanied by humidity that usually lasts for at least one day but could last several days to weeks. Continuous exposure to this excessive heat is dangerous and could cause problems such as heat rash, heat stress, heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke.”
He also asked people to drink plenty water and avoid drinks that contain alcohol and caffeine, use protective gadgets such as hat or umbrella, sunglasses and sunscreen, take cold baths  and leave water to dry on the skin, as well as never leave children and pets inside closed cars.

29 year old man rapes 19yr old in-law to death

Barely two weeks after a young lady identified as Faith Akin was allegedly raped to death by a middle aged man, a similar incident has been reported at the Epe Police Station.

According to the report, 29-year-old Titus Ime (pictured above) raped his in-law, a 19-year-old woman identified as Blessing John, to death. The incident occurred in a forest at Epe. The suspect allegedly trailed Blessing to her father’s farm, where he raped her to death.

Continue reading...Ime, reporting the incident, said he assaulted Blessing due to her refusal to date him. The rapist cum murderer blamed his dastardly act on his “great love" for the deceased.
“I just moved to Lagos from Akwa -Ibom State to look for a job when I met Blessing. She is my in-law, as my uncle is married to her elder sister," he said.
"As soon as I set my eyes on her, I fell in love with her but I kept it to myself. When I could not bear it anymore, I went to her to declare my love for her but she turned me down. I kept pestering her but she refused blatantly that she did not love me; this made me angry.”
Ime added that despite Blessing’s refusal to date him, he had to device a means to force her to have sex with him.
“I did not intend to kill Blessing but my feeling for her was very strong. So after monitoring her movement for some time, I discovered that she goes to the farm to uproot cassava in the evening with her father. That day, I trailed her from her house to the forest. She was alone and she did not know I was following her, when she got into the dense forest and there was no one in sight, I ran ahead of her and grabbed her, and started declaring my love for her but she turned me down.

"I was very angry and I grabbed her dress. She started struggling with me but I took a big stick and hit her on her head, she slumped immediately and I bend down over her and removed her skirt and had sex with her. All this while, she did not respond but I still had sex with her a second time but I do not know that she was dead; I thought she was just unconscious.”

After committing the act, the suspect hid in the forest for four days. He however came out of his hiding when he could not bear the hunger anymore, and reported himself to his family who then handed him over to the police for prosecution.

Blessing’s corpse were discovered by her father and has been deposited at a public mortuary for autopsy, while the case has been transferred to the Homicide department at Panti, Yaba for further investigation.

Culled from Daily Times

Goodluck Jonathan before before

 The difference is clear

Honda PCX 150 vs PCX 125

PT Astra Honda Motor will soon launch a new scooter, Honda PCX 150 and of course you already know before Honda PCX 125.

Course, the design PCX 125 is not much different from the PCX 150, only to have the PCX 150 cc larger than the PCX 125, and the differences that exist in the heart of the motor, the new engine brought the concept of Enhanced Smart Poer (eSP), driven by the engine with a capacity SOCH 152.9 cc. Comparison between BoreXStroke this machine is 58 × 57.9 mm with 10,6:1 compression ratio achieved.

See also Honda PCX 125 Specs HERE and Honda PCX 150 Specs HERE

2012 Suzuki Inazuma GW 250

Here are suzuki motorcycle competitor Honda CBR 250R, Woow very futuristic design. Suzuki has recently introduced a new motorcycle in Europe, With Inazuma name, or full Suzuki Inazuma GW 250.

Suzuki Inazuma GW 250 SOHC engine has 248 cc, liquid-cooled 2-cylinder with fuel injection intake system, and according to news from several sources, Suzuki Inazuma GW 250 premiering in Southeast Asia at a price of 210 thousand Baht.

Akon pays P-Square surprise visit at their home in Lagos

The international music star, who featured in P'Square's "Chop my money" video, paid the twins a surprise visit two nights ago at their Square Ville Omole Estate home, in Lagos.These dudes are really having the best of time men.

[SPECIAL] LITE--Past,Present,Future [ep] 2012

Newest. get it B4 it's gone.......




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Keep up with the Nesbitt’s.

The weather is really wonderful here right now........so we have grabbed some time and headed out to warm skies on the motorbike, warm sands with the dogs and are enjoying a few rare days together!

Oh yes- and I have continued my keep FIT campaign - am swimming half a mile, walking 3 miles and doing a gym session MOST days! Yes - am pretty worn out on the whole!

Normal service will resume when the weather deteriorates...........wont be long then!








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Aprilia SPORTCITY ONE 50 4t - 125 4t Review

Today I am posting the article is still on the scooter, again I saw a charming scooter from Aprilia, the design of this scooter is very nice and interesting, yes it is Aprilia SPORTCITY ONE 50 4t - 125 4t, Let's look at the specs and some color with Aprilia SPORTCITY ONE 50 4t - 125 4t. from aprilia .com
Designed for maximum rationality, the Sportcity One’s frame is a classical open cradle frame in high strength steel tube. Thanks to careful engineering, this frame delivers excellent rigidity and gives a confidence-inspiring ride and an excellent level of active safety.
With 32 mm stanchions and a wheel travel of 85 mm, the hydraulic fork effectively smoothes out even the roughest road surfaces.

As with all scooters of the type, the engine-transmission assembly acts as swingarm and is damped by an adjustable shock absorber. A particularly generous wheel travel of 84 mm (one of the best for this category of scooter) achieves a smooth ride even on uneven and damaged road surfaces.
To keep the Sportcity One as compact as possible, 14 inch wheels have been combined with generous tubeless tyres (120/70 at the front and rear). Combined with the excellent frame, this suspension and wheel system gives the Sportcity One excellent stability and a truly intuitive ride that anybody can enjoy. A powerful 220 mm front disc with a two-piston floating caliper, plus a dependable 140 mm rear drum mean instant stopping.


Modern and ecological four stroke engines make Sportcity One nippy in traffic as well as safe and comfortable. Thanks to advanced design and ultra-efficient combustion, these engines are sporty, clean running, and impressively economical to run. Simple design means robustness and reliability too. Both engines feature forced air cooling and a carburettor fuel system. Both models are equipped with a catalytic converter and conform to Euro 3 standards.

Almost 11 HP plus generous torque enable the Sportcity One 125 to cruise effortlessly on fast main roads without exceeding the power limit permitted to holders of a B class licence (Italian legislation). Thanks to the Sportcity One’s light weight, the 125 cc engine offers miserly fuel consumption as well as giving a top speed of 90 kph and the ability to tackle all traffic conditions.

The Sportcity One 50 offers an extremely economical solution for city centre mobility, running for over 40 km on one litre of fuel. Light weight and a sporty engine mean zippy acceleration at the traffic lights and take the Sportcity One 50 to its permitted top speed in next to no time. Here is the perfect 50 for anybody wanting a touch of class as well as full membership of the Sportcity family.

Honda promotes American managers in push to revive U.S. market

By ALAN OHNSMAN / Bloomberg News

Honda Motor Co. was the first Asian carmaker to build autos in the U.S. and is the most dependent on the market. Now it's also putting more non-Japanese in key roles.

North American Chief Operating Officer Tetsuo Iwamura becomes executive vice president April 1 and No. 2 to President Takanobu Ito. His new seven-member board will manage activities from product planning to production to sales in North America. Three members will be U.S. natives, the first time Americans have held such responsibility, including Erik Berkman to lead regional product development and design.

"Honda quite literally has become a North American car company headquartered in Tokyo, and that's a horrible combination," Jim Hall, principal of 2953 Analytics Inc., an auto consultant in Birmingham, said in a phone interview. "When your headquarters isn't in your most important and biggest-volume market, you become disconnected. We can see that's what's been happening to them. This is to reconnect headquarters with their most important market."

While Honda's U.S. problems have been less dramatic than those of Toyota Motor Corp., which recalled millions of vehicles for unintended acceleration, they've been significant. Even before last year's earthquake and tsunami cut supplies, core Honda cars such as the Civic and Accord were losing ground to Hyundai Motor Co. and Ford Motor Co. models that won praise for stylish looks and fuel economy.

Growing competition spurred Honda to offer U.S. incentives that were 87 percent of the industry average in this year's first two months, according to Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey-based Autodata Corp. In 2008, Honda's discounts were less than half the average.

'Out of Necessity'
"For too long they've lived in this cocoon of 'What we're doing is good enough,' " said Maryann Keller, principal of a self-named consulting firm in Stamford, Conn. "There's a recognition that that's no longer the case, so I think they are making these moves out of necessity."

For the first time, Honda's No. 2 executive will be based at the company's U.S. headquarters in Torrance, Calif., instead of Tokyo.

"Knowing the current competitive and complicated marketplace, rapid changes in customer needs, we think it's better to put more emphasis on the American side," Iwamura said in a March 12 interview. "Production and R&D, development facilities, those can be done by investing money. Localization of the people is one of the key issues."

Toyota Moves
Honda's revenue from sales of autos, motorcycles and power products in North America was 986.2 billion yen ($12.7 billion) in the quarter that ended Dec. 31, or 51 percent of its global total. While U.S. sales of Honda and Acura autos fell to 1.15 million units last year, which was still 38 percent of the company's worldwide volume.

Toyota, too, is giving more authority to North American executives, to improve development of products for the market and avoid a repeat of the 2009-10 recall crisis.

This month, Toyota promoted Jim Lentz to chief executive officer of its U.S. sales unit, the first time that job has gone to an American.

Asia's largest automaker last week said Steve St. Angelo, executive vice president for North American engineering and manufacturing, will oversee regional production as part of his duties on Toyota's North American management committee. Ray Tanguay, chairman of Toyota's Canadian unit, is responsible for North American quality issues. Lentz will oversee regional sales, marketing and product planning.

Honda's Revamping
Toyota President Akio Toyoda has said shifting more responsibility to local managers in North America is central to his goal of restoring customer satisfaction hurt by the recalls.

Honda's U.S. car and light truck sales slid 6.8 percent last year after natural disasters in Japan and Thailand curbed output of parts and vehicles. The company's redesigned Civic also flopped in tests by Consumer Reports, which recommended previous versions, a sign that the carmaker's ills extended beyond 2011's one-time events.

For decades, products created for the U.S. came from a "synergy effect" between Japanese and American engineers, Iwamura said. Now, American engineers making product decisions for U.S. customers is the best way to increase competitiveness, Iwamura said.

"That is one of the reasons we appointed Erik as the top man of R&D," he said. Berkman, who begins his new job April 1, was traveling in Japan and unavailable for an interview.

Honda's Targets
John Mendel, executive vice president of U.S. sales, is also joining Berkman on Honda's North American management board, as is Tom Shoupe, president of the company's Alabama plant.

Honda wants to rebound this year with a 24 percent U.S. sales gain. It has made some progress, boosting sales 11 percent in 2012's first two months, led by a 45 percent jump in Civic deliveries. The company plans to release a modified Civic later this year to address concerns raised by Consumer Reports, as well as a redesigned Accord.

The company's U.S., Canadian and Mexican plants may also set a production volume record, building about 1.8 million vehicles this year.

The automaker is completing more than $690 million of upgrades at U.S. plants and is also building an $800 million factory in Mexico to produce subcompact models such as the Fit.

In January, Honda said it planned to build its Acura NSX "supercar" in Ohio within about two years. The racing-style coupe will sell for more than $100,000. The site and cost of that project hasn't been announced.

Restoring Reputation
Restoring its reputation as an industry innovator, a legacy of founder Soichiro Honda, is a bigger challenge than boosting sales and production.

"It's not just the Koreans; everyone has gotten better," Keller said. "In terms of quality and features, it's a game of equals. It's just a lot harder for Toyota and Honda to stand out."

It may be years before Honda's changes in local management are effective, said Hall of 2953 Analytics.

"It's safe to say that if they keep going the way they were going, they were heading for a decline with other guys passing them and just doing better than they are," he said. In the U.S., "the question is whether they've caught their problems soon enough to not get passed by Hyundai-Kia."


The main characteristics of the Aprilia Dorsoduro 1200 ABS

Aprilia Dorsoduro 1200 is the new benchmark in the maxi motard class. Dorsoduro 1200 is an explosive cocktail of horsepower, agility and riding precision.
The Dorsoduro 1200 boasts class-beating technical solutions: radial Brembo callipers, hydraulic clutch, Ride by Wire with 3 different engine maps and the Matrix instrument panel with on board computer are all elements setting the Dorsoduro apart as a unique and exclusive project. The Dorsoduro is also available with ABS and Aprilia Traction Control (ATC), to combine total fun with total safety.

On the new Dorsoduro 1200 version some important changes in the ATC system (Aprilia Traction Control) were introduced: now the torque return in post wheelie phase is modulated based on the ATC level selected by the rider. The weight of the bike dropped about 3 Kg, approaching values very similar to that of its little sister, the Dorsoduro 750

and here are the main characteristics of the Aprilia Dorsoduro 1200 in detail :
  • 90° V2 engine with four valves per cylinder, double overhead camshaft, liquid cooling and twin spark ignition;
  • Triple map Ride by Wire technology (with Sport, Touring and Rain maps)
  • Electronic fuel injection;
  • Mixed gear/chain valve timing system;
  • Exhaust system with three-way catalytic converter and oxygen sensor;
  • Ultralight modular frame made from tubular steel trellis/aluminium castings offering outstanding torsional stiffness;
  • Aluminium saddle mount;
  • Aluminium swingarm with lateral shock absorber;
  • Fully adjustable 43 mm upside-down front fork and piggy-back design rear monoshock;
  • Brembo racing brake system with radial callipers.
  • New lightweight three split spoke wheel rims.


2012 Suzuki Nex colors and specs

Another one is that maybe you are looking for a scooter, yes this is the Suzuki Nex, and perhaps one that you are looking for is the color of the Suzuki Nex. has some interesting and attractive colors that may be to your taste.
Features of the Suzuki Nex was also no less interesting to other scooters, like the most crowded market on this one feature, which has an area of ​​the trunk is large enough so that it can contain all kinds of tooling you. Besides, most people have always wanted a scooter with a low seat view. But on suzuki Nex you've got what you want, with a low seat.

2012 Suzuki Nex Specifications

  • Length of 1850 mm
  • 665 mm wide
  • 1035 mm high
  • 1235 mm wheelbase
  • Distance of 135 mm under foot
  • Seat height 735 mm
  • Empty weight of 87 kg
  • Type of 4 stroke, 1 cylinder
  • System valve SOHC, 2 valve
  • Step Diameter 51.0 x 55.2 mm
  • Cylinder 113 cm3
  • Compression ratio of 9.4
  • The maximum power ps / rpm 9.4 / 8800
  • Maximum torque Nm / rpm 8.7 / 6500
  • Carburetor fuel system (BS22)
  • CDI ignition system
  • Electric starter and crank system
  • Transmission CVT / V-belt
  • Tank capacity L 3.5
  • Suspension Front Telescopic, a screw, oil absorbers
  • Rear suspension swing arm type, a screw, oil absorbers
  • Brakes Front Disc
  • Rear brake Tromol
  • The front wheels 70/90 - 14 M / C 34 P
  • The rear wheels 80/90 - 14 M / C 46 P
  • Casting Wheel Wheel
  • 12V battery (3.0 Ah) / 10 HR
  • Watt headlights 12V 32W/32Wx1

Tibetan protester sets himself on fire (Graphic Photos)

27year old Tibetan protester, Jamphel Yeshi, today set himself on fire and sprinted for 50m through New Delhi, in a demonstration during the Chinese president's visit to India.

Yeshi, who was on fire for about two minutes before he collapsed, sustained burns on 98 per cent of his body
. Other protesters doused him in water and took him to the hospital where he's in critical condition.

Yeshi and other Tibetans protesters (who now live in India) were demonstrating against China's rule over Tibet and the
Chinese President's arrival in India later this week for a summit meeting.