World Wide Web Stuff.

A good sign that I have been busy is the fact that I have not blogged since the wedding report from last weekend. I have been on some lovely walks, been pottering at home and yesterday we even managed a tootle over the moors on the motorbike. Today however, the weather is not so favourable so after getting all my household chores out of the way I decided to update my other blog.

I don't have a website at the moment and really am just considering if it is worth the money. I have had a website in the past, but there was a problem with the timing of the domain name - which for some strange reason ended up as a blog of no real commercial focus. A website is a pressence in the Big wide world web....but a blog has the same function surely? A blog is something I can manage and changes quickly, a website is not so easy - for me anyway. Whilst I am sure I could eventually work my way round a website I question if the time and effort is worth it. With social networking sites out there I feel a mixture of my blog and facebook would be sufficient to let people know what I can do and where I can be contacted. My customers tend to be local in anycase. Many of my previous customers are on Facebook and are my friends - all endorse my work so I think I am doing enough to market my work. At the end of the day it is a profitable, thoroughly enjoyable hobby.

Any thoughts?