View from our window 2

This was the view from my kitchen window a few minutes ago. The snow which has been forecast since October finally arrived on Saturday night - and was gone by Sunday! This is just frost - but it is still very cold!

When we went out for our walk yesterday up the lane, the horses were keeping warm.

A few days ago we noticed our winter visitors had returned.....

The mistlethrush! They help themselves to the chicken's food and other titbits I put out for them.

So a day for keeping warm - finishing some wedding stuff for Saturday and housework me thinks. On a domestic note - my washing machine has conked out yest again ,what a start to the day - whilst I have a husband who can and will fix it, it is sod's law this happens when.....
1. I have a pile of washing to do. 2.
 There is a load of wet washing inside the washing machine.
3. Hubby is up to his eyes with work!!!!!!

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