[SPECIAL] Tohpati Bertiga --Riot [2011]

Tohpati is one of the renowned guitarists of Indonesia that has successfully made his way to go internationally. His participation in simakDialog received critical acclaims from all over the world, and his other project Tohpati Ethnomissions did just that as well. We were surprised when suddenly he shaped a trio named Tohpati Bertiga (Tohpati in a Group of Three) together with his music soulmate, a senior bassist Indro Hardjodikoro and the drummer of Gugun Blues Shelter, Aditya Wibowo who’s better known as Bowie. Even more surprise they launched the album not long after they were established as a team. This is the group that seems to be able to bring Tohpati back “home” by playing more edgy rock, the style that he’s been enjoying since the beginning besides jazz. Calling the album as “Riot”, we can taste the wild side of Tohpati like he’s never shown before. Nothing can be better than having his long time companion and close friend Indro Hardjodikoro and powerful rockin’ blues drummer Bowie with him. Together they bring out the “riot” through 8 songs to show you that music should never be boxed too strictly. The freedom of playing from this three guys is captivating. If you love heavy rock pattern on jazz, let Tohpati Bertiga guides you into it. Are you ready to rock? It’s Riot time!

1--rock camp
2--i feel greta
4--lost in space
6--east west
7--pay attention



Link in comments:::thanks to 'a friend of the site' for this great addition, appreciated. This ios a must have