My sketchbook : on the road & underground.

Hey everyone, 

I know I'm a few days later than planned with this post. Had a crazy week in Bournemouth where sea monsters lurk and my brother / nephew coming to stay. Had a brilliant time in Bournemouth and even managed to squeeze in seeing a gig in Southampton. Spent my valentines with my wee 4 year old nephew making valentines card for Captain America and Thor since he thought they deserved one so I concurred. We did the full works getting out from my boxes of art materials glitter, felt tips, colour pencils, gold/silver pens, coloured sugar paper and got creative on the floor. Really glade he was around for it and might post a cheeky photo of these cards in my next post maybe. Along with playing a fair bit of basketball and getting back into running now that the weather has got better. Cant wait till spring so i can start running home from work. 

Back to the post before I start waffling. Did this wee drawing of a girl the other day when I was on the coach. She was munching a massive bad of Doritos and drinking Fanta as if it was her last I was pretty fascinated with her determination for execute this cheeky bag. When i looked back a few minutes later she had full on passed out! made her red jumper into a wee pillow stashing it against the window as she snuggled with satisfaction.  So i took out my sketchbook, cheeky pencil from my bag and drew away. 

Been working with a variety of mediums recently and playing around with some new idea's. So for now have posted more doodles in my sketchbook and will have some final pieces executed soon. Best get ready to make dinner and finish off planning these thumbnails before the day is out. So keep watch everyone and will most in the next few days with more goodies.