My sketchbook : on the road & underground.

Morning everyone, 

Its that time again where I will be letting you into the life of my sketchbook on the road and thoughts. The first cheeky spread is of a bus journey to work one time. A wee boy layered for the winter sitting in front of me with this awesome hat full of smiley faces. Where as everyone else on the bus sitting with long faces and frail a little inside with the thought of walking in the blistering cold. We all knew it and the blistering beast knew it far to well as he waited, waited, waited for us to press the bell.
As a few of you know from my twitter tweets, Im currently working on a Dia De Los Muertos poster along with a few other related images digitally coloured in. Here are some of the early doodles and how my thinking process begins. Will be playing and incorporating typography into this image so ought to be pretty playful. 

I will leave it here since I must start making my way to Bournemouth for the weekend. Wont be blogging again till monday morning. I hope you all have a brilliant weekend and will show you more observational sketches/ photos of some of the shows I have recently been to.