My sketchbook on the road & underground.

Morning everyone,

As promised I will be blogging a lot more now that I have some time to be at my desk or even time for myself. Heres a wee spread of a person contempt on the #SouthWestTrains, i was really interested by the way he fell asleep with his hands in his pocket and the placement of his bag which balanced the frame I was drawing him in. The other spread was when I was out in Scotland and the DJ was nocking out all sorts of crazy Massive Attack remix beats. Was a good event letting loose all kinds of shapes, so drew him along with a few cheeky doodles.

Best shoot since I'm off to visit a few wee shows in East London and than dinner with the sister before heading to the theatre. Il leave you with this brilliant beat Radiohead : Little By Little (caribou rmx) that I will be listening to all day most likely, as one draws the public on the #LondonUnderground in a wee bit. Will post again tomorrow with another set of doodles so keep watch everyone.

You never know who may be drawing you when you least expect it....

Mucho love,