My sketchbook : on the road & underground.

Morning everyone, 

This weeks been pretty interesting for me, with my morning runs, basketball sessions on a daily basis and a constant change in the weather I got ill. Its not often I get ill so when one does, I usually spend a day or two asleep feeling so unproductive for myself. I have a busy lifestyle and constantly on the moves so not doing much when I'm ill is something I'm not used to. Probably why I carry spare clothes, toothbrush, iPhone charger along with a few other essentials in my backpack. I draw most in my journal, replying to tweets and currently reading Pieces For The Left Hand written by J. Robert Lennon when I'm out traveling A-B.

I had a really long weekend at work but still managed to capture some of the sleeping nation on the night bus home. I found the guy with the hat on so interesting, his eyes so swollen with tiredness and a backpack so big helping him to keep balanced as he swayed side to side.

Having the past day and half off from work, I've managed to do some chores along with some work I've been meaning to start for a wee while. Such as a new news feed banner for my website which is all drawn up now and in the editing stage. As well for a mexican wrestling image I've been working on is nearly in the editing stage too, so should have some finished images on here in the next week if my plans stick for the next week. 
With spring round the corner, I'm back doing painting outdoors and getting up to interesting projects. Pretty excited for it to all kick off but in the meantime working, eating wonton noodle soups and visiting art shows will do for now. Im visiting the National Portrait Gallery tomorrow to witness the glorious works of Lucien Freud's before heading to Pure Evil's open night for a catch up with friends. Than to finish the day with a life drawing session probably a wee bit tipsy at this point but maybe it'll loosen me up, we will find out than. 
I best leave it here since I have an entire list to do today before heading off to work in the evening and wont be at my desk properly again till Monday. Follow me on Twitter if you wish to read and see sneaky photo's of what i get up to this week.

Until than everyone,