Little By Little By Hook Or By Crook

Its been a wee while again I know but this time I blame my old MacBook to die on me after putting up with me for the past 5 years. So a few weeks back I bought a 27 inch iMac and been working a lot to afford my travels in May/ April time where this time I will be traveling to Lille, Berlin, Dresden and Scotland. Recently I haven't been home much, if anything living out my rucksack on my wee trips to places like Liverpool, Birmingham, Oxford, York, Bournemouth and Preston when i do take a weekend off work. Going to Manchester next month and a few other if plans follow through. 

Past few months have been pretty mad for me and exhausting so managed to take a week off work to spend some time at home for once. So will be sleeping, drawing, blogging for the next few days. Im  pretty excited to be going to the theatre tomorrow with my sister, she bought us tickets for my birthday present before I disappear to Bournemouth on Friday for the weekend. 

Having been to quite a few shows naturally, I don't know really where to start on that front, lets talk more about what show I will be going to so not constantly backlogging to what I have done in the past few months. Going to be attending 'David Shrigley: Brain Activity' show at the Hayward gallery on thursday after I've done a spot of #StellaForever painting in the streets of London in the morning to let loose some steam. I guess some things will never change long hair'd girl.

Than onto a few other wee street art shows down East London and not forgetting off course, 'Lucian Freud's : Portraits' show to witness one of the world greatest portrait artist. 

Anyways back to my creative side of things...

I have spent most my drawing time in my sketchbook since if you've read above, you'd know I haven't been at home or at my desk much. Probably why I have been a wee bit slow at replying to emails and posting on here.  

Few of you may know that I always carry my sketchbook on me and love to draw people on my travels weather its on airplanes, London transport, eating in restaurants, pubs, cafés or my favourite being on the night bus home when they've past out asleep awkwardly. I will be posting more these drawings in the next few days along with what I'm currently doodling.

Here are some wee photop of my life recently. Ive found a new love for bubble tea recently so will most likely be going to Hong Kong Café tomorrow before heading to the theatre. 

I will leave it here since my hands are so cold and need to cook dinner its getting late. Went food shopping on my way back from Birmingham so hyped to put something together while dancing to Radiohead's remix album 'TKOL RMX 1234567' . Give it a listen here everyone, its really good. 

Keep safe everyone and will be blogging tomorrow with more doodles so keep watch!

Mucho love,