The Hunt : Fresh Kicks!

Hello Everyone, 
This past week and a wee bit has been pretty busy for me getting back into the routine of normality. With my jobs, running/ exercise every morning and executing some of these journal primary sketches I do on my travels.  The other week I bought some fresh trainers along with some new clothes since spring is round the corner and majority of my clothes covered in paint of some sort. A fresh start to spring, being back on the streets painting up colossal #StellaForever and #Unicorn murals across London and Berlin. 
I started drawing them in my journal and been fascinated by these unicorns ever since I visited exhibition 'The Hunt of the Unicorn' at Sterling Castle situated in Scotland a few months back. They are often referred to as the Unicorn Tapestries, is a series of seven tapestries dating from 1495–1505. These colossal tapestries show a group of noblemen and hunters in pursuit of a unicorn. It is believed the tapestries were made in the Southern Netherlands. 
So heres is one of many images to come this year on the matter. Im pretty excited to throw these up on street walls in the next few months.

Im currently working on a few projects at the moment so hopefully will be streaming out more finished pieces in the next few weeks. Also I will be working at this year's Pick Me Up show @ Somerset House that all kicks off as of 22nd March.

I will be posting again on here very soon, so keep watch everyone.