Chalk Boards : The Goat

Morning everyone, 

Woke up looking at these lost trees dancing in the wind and the smell of must through the wind as I opened ones window for fresh air. Its a pretty dull day like every other day during February, but todays is slightly different. Its my 24th Birthday, another year has gone and been reminiscing what I've achieved and lost this past year. It really has been a rough 9 months for me but the past 2 week I've started to look at things differently and slowly finding my confidence back. I guess its takes some longer than others to deal with things. 

Yesterday i went to the theatre with my sister and saw Matilda @ The Cambridge Theatre, it was absolutely smashing, bursting with energy, like no other theatre play I've been to before (I've been to a fair few). Will blog more on this within the next few days before i get side tracked from todays post.

So the other week, a day before the launch of The Goat Pub asked me to write/ draw on there brand new colossal chalk boards that faced the entire pub with there new wine list. So after being given a box of chalk I went to face this beast of a board. Felt like being at school again writing away and having people behind you watching. 

having not used chalk since I was wee I was pleased with the execution and now hundreds will witness it each week at this forever busy, modern colossal pub. After writing all this I did fancy a cheeky wee glass of the La Paz : Merlot, having started develop a liking for wine recently. Here are some cheeky pics after the jump.

I leave you all be here since I should get ready to head out and start my birthday. Im going to be meeting my sister for brunch in soho @ The BreakFast Club to witness all the hype I hear so much off, before my sister shoots back to her laboratory to work on her 3 year compound, she hopes will cure dibetes. Im than going to David Shrigley : Brain Activity show at the Hayward Gallery than to china town for a wee bowl of Won Ton noodle soup for my birthday celebration #tableforone. Spending the day on my own out and about in London. Was going to do some solo baking when i get in this evening and bake my own birthday cake but after a few years ago of attempting, it lead it to explode. So i'm a wee bit concerned...

Will post again tomorrow and speak to you all very soon. 
Il let you know how my birthday, gallery visits and won ton noodle soup went.