[LOSSLESS & 320]Shigeru Suzuki - OLD-NEW INSTRUMENTAL[1985/1993]

A nice addition thanks to 'fen'. This is a collection of instrumental tracks from this guitarist.

01. Snow Express
02. Wood Pecker
03. Great American Funky Girl
04. Jungle Jam
05. Brandy Wine
06. Hawaiian
07. Almeria
08. 明日あたりはきっと春
09. Telescope
10. Phoenix
11. SEI DO YA (Bonus Track)

320k & FLAC


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Under Defeat HD "NEW ORDER" Soundtrack [2012]

Great new release, thanks to ' a friend of the site' for this.
I reloaded it to another server..


Don't look back!



Go on a mission



The way that bring an end



Beyond the snowstorm



Never say die



Tears in their eyes


Disc length 25:39



Volkswagen parks in Honda's U.S. driveway

By Christiaan Hetzner
FRANKFURT Tue Feb 28, 2012 6:51am EST

(Reuters) - Volkswagen chief executive Martin Winterkorn squeezes his bulky frame behind the wheel of the new Honda Civic and takes out a tape measure - part of a forensic, and very public, inspection of the five-door compact at last September's Frankfurt car show.

"You were a role model for us for many years once," he tells an attendant Honda official. "Really."

They were the words of a man who knows Honda (7267.T) is on the ropes in the United States, and who fervently hopes he can eat the Japanese group's lunch in its biggest market.

The United States is home to nearly one in two Honda buyers, but its sales there fell 7 percent last year while overall U.S. vehicle sales expanded at a double-digit pace.

As a result, Honda's market share has tumbled 2 percentage points in two years to 8 percent in 2011. Volkswagen (VOWG_p.DE) is headed in the opposite direction, albeit from a low base.

Winterkorn wants to at least double the Volkswagen VW.L brand's 2.5 percent U.S. market share. Last year's sales performance was the best VW has managed there in three decades, with sales of Jettas and Passats up 44 percent and 83 percent respectively.

"The good news for Volkswagen is that brand loyalty is not what it used to be. Honda buyers started to flee to other brands like Hyundai because they wanted to express themselves and not be just one of the herd," said TrueCar analyst Jesse Toprak.

At an international level, VW has had its ups and downs since its birth in 1930s Germany, but it has come out of the 2008 crisis better than most.

While General Motors (GM.N) was pushed into a pre-packaged bankruptcy and Toyota (7203.T) endured its first ever operating loss, the Wolfsburg-based group has emerged as the world's second largest carmaker with the firepower to buy Peugeot (PEUP.PA), Fiat (FIA.MI) and Renault (RENA.PA) put together.

It made a record profit in 2011, but will need to prey on weaker rivals abroad to keep growing. That is because its core European market is set to shrink to its smallest in a decade, and carmakers are piling on costly, margin-corrosive incentives for free to compete for what remains.

VW's ultimate goal of becoming the largest, most profitable carmaker in the industry hinges on whether it can find lasting nourishment in the United States, where its pricey imports long ago forced the brand to feed off the scraps left over by others.

By shifting German car production to Tennessee and taking expensive features out of their over-engineered cars, a practice known as "de-contenting", VW has succeeded in luring customers back with affordable entry prices and sporty sedans like the Jetta - features that were once the hallmarks of Honda's Accords and Civics.

"Our biggest competitor here is Honda, since its customer base shares the same core values. We both focus on sportiness and versatility and have high demands when it comes to handling," VW's U.S. strategy chief, Rainer Michel told Reuters.

Toyota's no-frills customers do not buy a Camry to enjoy the ride, he said, while Hyundai buyers are attracted to the kind of trendy exterior designs which Honda and VW both eschew.

Honda, by contrast, has a pool of well-educated and more affluent U.S. car owners who tend to favour more subdued styling packaged into a fun ride.

Among its five biggest competitors, Honda boasts the lowest spending on incentives like cash rebates or free features and trim, according to auto-information website Edmunds.com.

It also abstains entirely from selling to fleets like Hertz rental agency. Fleet sales and incentives are both pressure valves many carmakers resort to when times are hard.

"We are not the flashy choice, we are the smart choice that informed customers make after weighing things like reliability, fuel economy, driving enjoyment and so on. This helps us keep a tight lid on incentives and preserve a high resale value for our owners," said American Honda spokesman Chris Martin.

"That also means that we have a huge bull's-eye painted on our back, though, since any other auto company would love to attract this kind of customer base."

But the chinks are starting to show in Honda's armour. It expects operating profit in the year to end-March 2012 to fall 65 percent to its lowest level in three years, prompting Moody's to downgrade the company's outlook to negative due partly to the tougher competition from predators like VW.

Earthquakes, tsunamis and floods in Japan and Thailand severely damaged its supply chain last year. Making matters worse, the latest Civic model has been panned by critics in the United States, forcing Honda to promise a costly facelift much earlier than planned.

"The Civic was for the longest time the torch bearer for what Honda was all about - compact cars with efficient four cylinder engines and very responsive chassis that give drivers a great feeling for the road," said Bill Visnic, an analyst and senior editor for Edmunds.com.

"That reputation has been slipping rather precipitously, though, ever since they began compromising to chase market share with cars getting bigger and the ride becoming softer."

Meanwhile VW has one of the youngest customer bases - important for a brand's image - while spending even less than Honda on incentives - quick fixes that boost volumes but ultimately hurt demand over the long run as resale values fall.

As a result, the new Passat sedan spends half as long collecting dust on a dealer lot than the average U.S. vehicle.

"A lot of new VW buyers were Honda owners who no longer wanted to see 10 other exact same cars every time they came to a stop at the traffic light," said Chris Chaney, Vice President of consumer research group Strategic Vision.

According to his firm's surveys, Honda was the brand to surrender sales the most to VW last year. VW owners are more prone not just to feel better about driving their new cars but also to be more excited about them than Honda customers.

"There is no question that there are Honda owners who see Volkswagen as a step towards the prestige associated with German engineering," Chaney said.

With gasoline prices expected to climb, market researcher Art Spinella believes VW can also benefit from its strong range of fuel-efficient diesels, but warns a patchy dealer network, largely based in coastal areas, will continue to hold them back.

"Pump prices mean that car buyers will consider VW much more often, but for that to translate into actual sales they need good dealers, and here they are only strong in the slow-growth states in the Northeast," said Spinella, President of CNW.

In order to hit its sales target of 800,000 VW brand car sales by 2018, VW opened up in January a new sales office in Dallas to support the near 100 dealers spread thinly across 16 states.

Dependability may also need to improve, however, before buyers in more rural areas think about a VW.

"I think the biggest problem Volkswagen will need to address is its reliability issues, if it wants to make greater inroads into the American heartlands," said Gabriel Shenhar, Senior Auto Test Engineer & Program Manager at Consumer Reports.

In the hopes of better persuading Honda owners to defect, VW has poached marketing guru Tim Mahoney from Japanese rival Subaru of America (7270.T).

Known for his ability to hit an emotional nerve through ads like the Subaru Love campaign, he was recently voted by industry newspaper Automotive News as one of 10 managers to watch this year alongside such exalted peers as the group chief executives of Toyota, Ford and, yes, Honda.

VW's traditional focus has been on its engineering prowess, but Mahoney favours funny skits like the "Vamonos" ad, with its clever emphasis on the fuel economy features of the VW Passat TDI.

"In a world of instant entertainment, companies can overestimate what a person can absorb in a 30 second spot that flashes over a TV screen," he told Reuters.

"But by engaging someone with ad they can relate to, you can draw people into a more complete experience offered on our website or get them to download the latest Golf racing app."

VW built on last year's Star Wars-themed "Force" commercial, voted the best ad of 2011 by industry publication Adweek, with a viral teaser spot on YouTube that featured a choir of dogs barking out the theme tune from the space saga.

Not so much as a front headlight - let alone a whole car - is ever shown, but the association with VW is unmistakable.

"People are even filming their dogs watching the spot and posting it on the internet. Humour is a big part of what we do and people like to participate," said Mahoney, a language major who studied in Vienna and Goettingen.

Honda's ad people are fighting back.

Fresh from a month of resurgent Civic sales in January, it is creating buzz with a popular ad where Matthew Broderick reprises his role from the 1980s hit "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", only this time he is behind the wheel of a CR-V crossover instead of a vintage Ferrari 250GT cabrio.

A Honda executive who worked for six years in the United States says last year marked the trough in sales for the brand, and the business there is now firmly on a path to recovery.

"It is true that Volkswagen has been expanding aggressively with success, but I believe the U.S. sales data for the new Civic in January is indicative of the new improving trend," Honda Europe President Manabu Nishimae told Reuters.

Just to make sure, though, American Honda reshuffled its management in order "to further speed decision-making and increase efficiency and competitiveness," it said last week.


Woman arraigned for pouring faeces on her husband's mistress

The Police in Akure, yesterday Tuesday Feb 28th, arraigned a 28-year-old woman, Folashade Babatunde before an Akure Senior Magistrate’s Court for allegedly pouring faeces on Agnes Olasehinde, (pictured above) a 27-year-old banker with First Bank Plc, Alagbaka branch, Akure.

Around 12.30 pm on Friday February 24th, Sade Babatunde entered the bank with a polythene bag full of faeces packaged in a can and allegedly poured the content on Miss Agnes, who was attending to customers, before security guards could stop her. When Sade was arrested, she accused Agnes of dating her husband.

Folashade Babatunde, a trader and Higher National Diploma student at Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo in Ondo State was docked  on a two-count charge of act likely to cause breach of peace and assault. The accused pleaded not guilty to the two charges and was granted bail. The case was adjourned till March 27, for hearing.

14 year old boy shoots his mother to death

                                            Joshua Smith                                  Tamiko Robinson

A 14-year-old boy from
Detroit, Joshua Smith, in the early hours of Monday morning, shot his mother, 36 year old Tamiko Robinson, at least ten times as she slept on the couch, his uncle told reporters after the teenager was arrested.

The teen
was said to be angry that his mother had tried to keep him off the streets and away from a gang.

Smith's uncle
LeShaun Roberts, told Fox Detroit News the teen had wanted to 'hang with the big boys' - gang members in their twenties - but when his mother said no he ran away to relatives. But Robinson, a dialysis patient, who was battling lupus, went after her son and insisted he came home, angering the youngster.According to the uncle, Joshua broke into his step dad's room, got a twelve gauge and brutally murdered his mother while she slept on the couch in their home.

Joshua's five-year-old sister and step dad, were in the home at the time and were forced to jump out of a low window to escape the gunfire. 

Smith was arrested soon after the shooting. He had reportedly been driving around in his mother's car.

Honda Malaysia: Facelifted Honda Insight

Honda Malaysia has introduced the facelifted Insight hybrid, in its 1.3 litre form. Aside from some external revisions, the facelift – which made its debut in Frankfurt last year – promises to deliver better fuel economy along with a string of other refinements.

Kicking things off are new front and rear bumpers, and the headlights now wear a tint of blue highlight. Additionally, the new grille design features a blue reflector underneath. The tailgate spoiler has also been slimmed, and together with a modified tail gate garnish and a reduction in the size of the wiper motor unit, results in overall increased rear visibility.

Appearance aside, the aerodynamics of the car have also been improved, reducing the running resistance and thus resulting in better fuel economy. The 1.3 litre IMA system – with 88 PS and 121 Nm from the engine and 14 PS and 78 Nm from the motor – gets some powertrain efficiency improvements.

Revisions to the CVT and mill, the latter in the form of reduced engine friction, as well as alterations to the air conditioning system, all do their bit to contribute to lower fuel consumption.
The Insight also features a quieter ride, with the inclusion of added noise insulation materials for better NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) performance. Meanwhile, the seats are now upholstered with a new fabric, and rear passengers now enjoy an extra head clearance of 15mm, following adjustments to the shape of the roof lining and the hip point of the rear seats.

Still on dual airbags, but there’s Hill Start Assist (HSA) and VSA on this one, and the wave key has been changed to a more compact jack-knife version. Four exterior colours abound, and these are Platinum Aqua Metallic, Premium White Pearl, Crystal Black Pearl and Alabaster Silver Metallic.

The facelifted Insight goes for RM99,800 (on-the-road), and comes with a five-year or 140,000 km warranty on the IMA battery. The best part is that you don’t have to wait long for one, if you’ve been eyeing it – fully aware of the current demand of the new Insight, Honda Malaysia says the waiting period for an Insight is now less than two weeks. No indication as to when the 1.5 litre job will arrive.


Consumer Reports Video Review of the 2012 Honda CRV

U.S. Rule Set for Cameras at Cars’ Rear


On average, two children die and about 50 are injured every week when someone accidentally backs over them in a vehicle, according to KidsAndCars.org, a nonprofit group that pushed the government to begin tracking such tragedies. And more than two-thirds of the time, a parent or other close relative is behind the wheel.

Now, auto safety regulators have decided to do something about it. Federal regulators plan to announce this week that automakers will be required to put rearview cameras in all passenger vehicles by 2014 to help drivers see what is behind them. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which proposed the mandate in late 2010, is expected to send a final version of the rule to Congress on Wednesday.

Cars are filled with safety features that have been mandated by government regulators over the years, including air bags and the Liddy Light, the third brake light named for Elizabeth Dole, who made it standard as secretary of transportation in the 1980s.

But the rearview camera requirement is one of the biggest steps taken to protect people outside of a vehicle.

“We haven’t done anything else to protect pedestrians,” said Clarence Ditlow, executive director of the Center for Auto Safety in Washington. “This is one thing we can do and should do.”
A spokeswoman for the highway traffic safety agency declined to comment before the new rule was announced.

However, in a preliminary version circulated for public comment, regulators predicted that adding the cameras and viewing screens will cost the auto industry as much as $2.7 billion a year, or $160 to $200 a vehicle. At least some of the cost is expected to be passed on to consumers through higher prices.

But regulators say that 95 to 112 deaths and as many as 8,374 injuries could be avoided each year by eliminating the wide blind spot behind a vehicle. Government statistics indicate that 228 people of all ages — 44 percent of whom are under age 5 — die every year in backover accidents involving passenger vehicles. About 17,000 people a year are injured in such accidents.

“In terms of absolute numbers of lives saved, it certainly isn’t the highest,” Mr. Ditlow said. “But in terms of emotional tragedy, backover deaths are some of the worst imaginable. When you have a parent that kills a child in an incident that’s utterly avoidable, they don’t ever forget it.”

Automakers began offering backup cameras only about a decade ago, by using the in-dash navigation screens that had become popular on luxury models. The feature has become increasingly popular as companies found more inexpensive ways to display camera images to a driver, such as on a screen hidden in the rearview mirror.

For the 2012 model year, 45 percent of vehicles offer a rearview camera as standard equipment, according to the automotive research Web site Edmunds.com. It is an optional feature on 23 percent of models.

Safety advocates said a mandatory camera is long overdue. “We wouldn’t buy a car if we couldn’t see 30 or 40 feet going forward,” said Janette Fennell, the founder of KidsAndCars.org. “We’re taking this big lethal weapon going in reverse, and we can’t see.”

The new requirement stems from a 2008 law, the Cameron Gulbransen Kids Transportation Safety Act, named for a 2-year-old boy who died in 2002 when his pediatrician father was backing a sport utility vehicle into their driveway. The law required the N.H.T.S.A. to set standards for rear visibility, which had never been regulated.

In urging Congress to help reduce backover injuries, KidsAndCars created a public-service announcement showing that 62 children could fit behind a large S.U.V. without being visible to the driver in any of the mirrors.

Although they account for a small fraction of the deaths that result from automobile crashes, backovers are the most common cause of off-road deaths involving children and vehicles, according to KidsAndCars. The number of reported child fatalities attributed to backovers totaled 448 in the years 2006 through 2010, a sharp increase from 88 in a four-year period a decade earlier, the group said.

In many cases, the incidents involve a phenomenon that safety advocates call “bye-bye syndrome,” when a child runs outside to wave to someone driving away, without that person’s knowledge.

As vehicles have become larger and designed to better protect occupants, drivers’ ability to see any people or objects behind them has been reduced, said Dan Edmunds, director of vehicle testing at Edmunds.com.

“Over time, the beltlines have risen, and the glass has gotten a little smaller in the interest of safety,” Mr. Edmunds said. “There’s certainly been a lot of attention paid to safety, but visibility hasn’t necessarily been lumped in the same way.”

Edmunds now measures the size of the blind spot behind each new vehicle, based on how far back the driver can see a mannequin designed to resemble a small child. Although many backover incidents involve S.U.V.’s and trucks, Mr. Edmunds said some of the biggest blind spots are on passenger cars where the trunk has a high deck lid and the driver sits low to the ground.

For the Cadillac CTS-V coupe, Edmunds measured a blind spot 101 feet long, compared with about 40 feet for minivans from Toyota and Honda.

Automakers have generally supported the requirement, while some took issue with technical aspects of the proposal and the added cost. “We’ve had longstanding support for efforts to increase the field of view for these vehicles,” said Wade Newton, of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers.

Meanwhile, in anticipation of the 2014 mandate, automakers have been designing models with camera systems in mind. Instead of including a camera in a $2,000 navigation package, many have made it standard or a stand-alone option for a few hundred dollars.

When Honda revamped its CR-V crossover vehicle last year, it included a backup camera as standard equipment. On the 2011 model, CR-V buyers who wanted a camera had to buy the top-of-the-line EX-L trim with a navigation system, which cost $7,000 more than the base model.

Regulators studied other ways of improving rear visibility, including the beeping radar-based sensors that many vehicles already offer. But they determined that the sensors often did not detect moving people, especially children. Drivers also responded better to the camera image than the audio alerts, they said.

“Video camera-based systems are by far the most comprehensive and cost-effective currently available solution for reducing backover crashes, fatalities and injuries,” the N.H.T.S.A. said.


My sketchbook : on the road & underground.

Morning everyone, 

This weeks been pretty interesting for me, with my morning runs, basketball sessions on a daily basis and a constant change in the weather I got ill. Its not often I get ill so when one does, I usually spend a day or two asleep feeling so unproductive for myself. I have a busy lifestyle and constantly on the moves so not doing much when I'm ill is something I'm not used to. Probably why I carry spare clothes, toothbrush, iPhone charger along with a few other essentials in my backpack. I draw most in my journal, replying to tweets and currently reading Pieces For The Left Hand written by J. Robert Lennon when I'm out traveling A-B.

I had a really long weekend at work but still managed to capture some of the sleeping nation on the night bus home. I found the guy with the hat on so interesting, his eyes so swollen with tiredness and a backpack so big helping him to keep balanced as he swayed side to side.

Having the past day and half off from work, I've managed to do some chores along with some work I've been meaning to start for a wee while. Such as a new news feed banner for my website which is all drawn up now and in the editing stage. As well for a mexican wrestling image I've been working on is nearly in the editing stage too, so should have some finished images on here in the next week if my plans stick for the next week. 
With spring round the corner, I'm back doing painting outdoors and getting up to interesting projects. Pretty excited for it to all kick off but in the meantime working, eating wonton noodle soups and visiting art shows will do for now. Im visiting the National Portrait Gallery tomorrow to witness the glorious works of Lucien Freud's before heading to Pure Evil's open night for a catch up with friends. Than to finish the day with a life drawing session probably a wee bit tipsy at this point but maybe it'll loosen me up, we will find out than. 
I best leave it here since I have an entire list to do today before heading off to work in the evening and wont be at my desk properly again till Monday. Follow me on Twitter if you wish to read and see sneaky photo's of what i get up to this week.

Until than everyone,

Erykah Badu Banned in Malaysia for writing the name of "Allah" on her bare shoulders

This is the picture of Erykah Badu with the word Allah written on her bare shoulders which touched off a firestorm in Muslim-majority Malaysia...

Erykah Badu was supposed to perform in Kuala Lumpur today Wednesday Feb 29th but the concert was abruptly canceled on order of the Communications and Culture Minister, who said
"With the graphic exhibition of "Allah" on the body of the singer, it is sufficient to warrant irrefutable religious controversies from among Muslims who disdain such practice. The committee's decision to disallow the entertainer to perform publicly is in our view justified."
Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga and co know their boundery o...... Dont f

Popular Actor, James "Gringory" Iroha of New Masquerade dies at 70

Veteran broadcaster, actor and creator of the famous New Masquerade, James Iroha popularly known as Gringory is dead. He died yesterday February 28, 2012 at the age of 70 years after a protracted illness. May his soul rest in peace...amen!


01 Omens of Love ★★★★★
02 宝島 ★★★★★
03 ハワイへ行きたい ★★★★★
04 Little Pop Sugar ★★★★★
05 Tomorrow's Affair ★★★★★
06 Midnight Lover ★★★★★
07 All About You ★★★★★
08 Truth ★★★★★
09 脚線美の誘惑 ★★★★★
10 Dans Sa Chambre ★★★★★
11 It's Magic ★★★★★
12 Forgotten Saga

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Nigerian man sentenced to death in Malaysia for drug trafficking

Eric flanked by Malaysian police
A 34 year old Nigerian man was yesterday February 27th, sentenced to death in Malaysia for drug trafficking offences he committed two years ago.

Eric Chimezie Oluigbo was arrested while trying to distribute 22,159 grammes of cannabis at a traffic light in Napoh, Malaysia, on the morning of September 1, 2010.

He was charged under Section 39 (B) of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952 of Malaysia which carries a mandatory death penalty upon conviction.

Photos of Lady shot by ex lover Police officer