We got there!

The lounge is finished and we are in!

The carpet.....is aubergine!!!!!

Chimney breast - built by Jon is Farrow & Ball's "Brassica" ......a tad different for magnolia eh??

Not only the chimney breast - but the oppoaite wall too!!

To show off my wonderful mirroe - bought in Yarm with my pal Jill!

The curtains were the source of inspiration - just need hemming now! Here are the canvas prints taken from my photographs of our ferry crossing in 2008 when we nipped over to Holland.

Our wonderful Mackenzie Thorpe prints given to us by Dorothy and Keith - just match so well!!!

The doors - soon to be replaced!!
Yes our wonderful, adored friend Spud came round on New Year's Eve to fit the carpet!!
The delay had been the paintwork but in the end the doors were fitted and we moved in! This room had always been cold - it is the extension after all. The doors were the original front door (external) so are not standard size for internal doors. We had so many problems replacing them we just went for a re-paint - but to coin a phrase "You cant make a silk purse out of a sow's ear!" The opening may not be standard, but hell spells I am married to a precision engineer! An engineer "engineers things and makes them work!" So Jon will "make the opening standard" and we will get new doors!
We are over the moon and warm too - the Rayburn is doing a wonderful job keeping the room warm. Our Christmas present to each other is a TV and we just need a unit and some bookcases.
So eh? Aubergine carpet - who saw that coming eh?

Happy New Year - and here's to good gifted friends - like Spud! His number is next to my heart! Good one!