A is for Adventure......of a sewing kind!

ABC Wednesday is now entering Round 10! How amazing is that? A meme I started 5 years ago is still going strong, bringing together bloggers from all over the globe each week with a letter of the alphabet!

I try to have a theme to my contributions - I have used random photos, literally going out of the house, armed with camera "looking for a D" or whatever. I have also just taken in inspiration as I go about my daily business thinking "That will make an excellent E contribution" or whatever. The last round I mauinly focussed on our DIY projects, but this round I want it to be a learning experience....for me.
Whilst I did not make any New Year's Resolutions I decided to try and develop my limited sewing skills. I know Blogland brings us into the pressence of wonderful crafters and I find myself in awe of their talents. I often say I will learn to knit  but I never seem to do it. Yes I can make and enjoy making cards and benefit quite well from wedding commissions etc, but I can sew - be it very very simply.......
so my ABC Round 10 is going to be a learning adventure on a journey of sewing!

I have Jon's Grandma's vintage sewing machine......

But I also have one of these!
Bought for £20 at the local OAP's Table Top Sale. A dear lady sold me this, I feel I owe it to her to use it! It has been in the porch for a couple of years and it was only when talking over this and that with my good friend |Jill did I think to get it out and use it - so we are sharing it and bringing it to life.........Jill is
further down the road than I am, but I am here at the beginning of my adventure........
Watch this space!
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