C is for...Completed Cushion!

I have only just finished my cushion! Even if I may it myself I am quite pleased with my first project in my sewing adventure!

I need to find a better pillow to stuff it with, but this will easily be remedied next time I go shopping later in the week, I didn't want to make a special journey - too cold anyway.

It matches with the other cushions on one of our settees.

I did make a slip up - but only I can see it!
This is my C entry in Round 10 of ABC Wednesday. I must admit I found it a really good goal to aim for - I wantred it finished by today - and I did, only just.
It is also just in time for a pledge I signed up for here........

Phew! Just made the end of January! I am keen to see what others have done - will be a humbling experience I'm sure, but at least I am on with my sewing adventure and enjoying every minute of it all!

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