Back on Track!

Tonight it will be time  to go to my Slimming World meeting, or as we inmates refer to it "Fat Club!" Last week I gained 2 lb which taking Christmas into account was not too bad. This week I expect another gain but how much I have no see it was not my fault!

Although we can travel a few miles to Tesco, Asda and Sainsburys our nearest supermarket is the Co-operative, referred to as "The Co-op!" Whilst the availability of certain foods is sparse and limited, on the whole it is a handy store. I rate the animal welfare standards it promotes as well as ethical practises - so whilst I could shop cheaper -  compromises have to be called for. It is only a couple of miles from the village ....fuel consumption is a big factor too.

Each day at around 5.30pm a decent selection of foods are reduced due to sell-by dates. A couple of people spend the afternoon in the pub then go into the Co-op and stand over the assistants as the food is reduced. I know these  people from my time spent in teaching. I do not support their idea of a lifestyle - pub and  children do not go together well in my eyes, especially during school hours!!!

On New Year's Eve I was shopping, it was about 3.30pm. I know many of the shop assistants well and have a good rapour with them, so when one of them called me over  keen to tell me she was reducing prices - early as it was New Year's Eve and I could have first refusal, before "that chap" came in!.....well what a time I had - and surely it would have been rude not to. We love cheese - Brie 29p......individual mince pies, pack of 12...29p. Litre of double cream...19p.... to name but a few!

So...........there you have it. We have had a couple of indulgent occasions since and now the hour of reckoning is approaching!

Watch this space!