X marks the spot!


Ella certainly loved the hamper Jon’s sister bought him for Christmas!


We have had a great Christmas – great family do and yesterday a great afternoon with friends. Today we decided to go out for a drive so we headed over to Scarborough.
The roads seemed fairly quiet though the view of the North Sea didn’t exactly warm us up!



Knowing it was ABC Wednesday I decided to go in search of an X – and I found one as we drove into Scarborough!


The sales were on so we popped in to a few shops – coming away with 12 cans of cat food, some dog food and a greyhound calendar for my MIL – the calendar that is, not the pet food! lol!
We came home over Blakey Ridge and decided to have lunch at the Lion Inn. The fog was thickening by the minute as you can see from the photo I took of the road home.



Once we reached the road home from the Moor Road the weather cleared and the fog lifted.

The next few days will be quiet, New Year’s Eve will be the next event – we are holding an “At Home” for neighbours and friends – our neighbours are doing the same, so we will be popping in and out of each other’s homes during the course of the night.
We have had a delay with the lounge progress, but we should be back on track over the next couple of days. Working with colours of Brassica (purple) and brilliant white means there can be no grey areas (no pun intended) and the margins have to be spot on. As we were not at home on Christmas Day this was not a problem. Having one of your best friends as a carpet fitter is a joy I can tell you. The minute we are ready spud will be over and carpet fitted. I have waited this long – we can wait a few days more.
Watch this space!
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