A week to go!

Well we seem to have escaped the snow (will I eat these words?) so far at least but as we approach the next few days leading up to Christmas I feel quite in control of matters. I do not like driving in the bad weather - fortunately Jon has a strange enjoyment of off road driving so if we do get snow he will be chomping at the bit to get out there and have some sort of adventure. Friday seemed to be threatening snow but our visit to friends for dinner on the moors went without event  (well travelwise anyway) and my anxiety over driving was soon put to rest as the roads were only wet.
Saturday brought about a rare but treasured meeting up of life long friends - normally scattered over Europe and America, we were all in one place at one time - so a lunch was called for!

Dorothy and Keith are over from France and Steph is spending time here at home away from a hectic time over the pond. It was a great 2 hours spent in Guisborough - brought to a close as Maria had to attend to a washing machine incident at her holiday cottage! Oh how domestic matters bring us all back to earth!
Dorothy gave me a lift home and I will share with you later the wonderful gift she and keith gave us for our lounge!
Talking of the lounge - a bit more tidying here and there required but looking good. A final push will see leaps of progress - watch this space!

Despite being  a lady (well almost) who lunches - I still have a few jobs to do before next Sunday - it is the village Carol Service on Saturday in our church. The organ is not working so it is down to me and my guitar - so a polishing up on my skills is required - yes a good job I have a few days! We are having Christmas Dinner with family, at my MIL's - the other Mrs Nesbitt as our house was in bomb zone moment - however I will still be making a few dishes to take along to share the tasks. All presents are more or less sorted - just some wrapping to do.