CB50 caferacer

A bike I built, rode and then sold. Sometimes I miss it, it rode really nice, pretty comfortable, quick and it looked pretty cool.
Very retro 80's caferacer with magnesium wheels that just about everybody in the dutch 4-stroke community hated. I think they were just accustomed to the spoked wheels of the SS50's.

this is pretty much how I bought it and rode it for a while, the only modification by me were the sporty handlebars. It came with the giuliari seat.

Starting the transformation, this is a picture of one of the first complete mock-up's
When I bought the bike, it came with a lot of extra parts, including the tank with Bultaco stickers, I originally planned on riding it like this, just to piss people off with my "bultaco"

And the endresult, I changed the exhaust endcan later on, so the bike could breathe better, but I have no nice pictures of that.

some specs:
-ktm magnesium wheels
-CB750k1/6 front brake caliper and master
-50cc (still a legal moped)
-5speed xr80 gearbox
-CB50F camshaft
-16mm kei-hin carb
-slightly ported head and rounded valves
-adjustable clipons
-Ducati seat
-homebuilt rearsets with 10mm spanner as shifterpedal