Studio Works: Dia De Los Muertos (Day Of The Dead)

Back at the studio working on the wooden panel pieces for series 'Dia De Los Muertos'.  It feels all exciting to be on my feet and knees getting messy and throwing paint again. Feeling alot less angry now after taking a month break from the studio. The last time I was there, I was a complete mess whom hit rock bottom mentally. Spent the 1st 5 months throwing my shoes across the studio, kicking walls, throwing brushes/ paints and sitting there going abit mad over thinking things way too much. I took some time out to spend on my own doing the only thing i knew that would help me find my feet again. 

This choice if mine may have pissed off a few people and lost out on some great opportunities but I knew deep down I had to do this for myself. I spent far to long doing things for someone else and not myself so a change was in order. I truly believe life is about experiencing new things and traveling broadens the mind so i stick by that. 

With the new moleskin that the lovely Ella Master (@ella_masters) gave me 6 months ago to help me get back into drawing, I finally started 3 month later when i popped into a life drawing session by accident and naturally started drawing the lady posing on a wee tea table. Since than I have been collecting new materials and finding new inspiration through this dark chapter in my life.

So i started off with cutting up all the found bits of wood I've accumulated over the past 7 months and started sawing them all up to different sizes and wee piles. Sneaky reference in the photo of the 'Virgin De Guadalupe', for that whom don't know, she's the patriot Saint of Mexico. 
So painting her is a big mile stone for me but very excited to see the final out come. 

With this new body of work inspired by my Mexican roots, Im not entirely sure how many pieces or how its going to all look. All i know is that it feels right to create this pieces and excited to develop them all over the next few months. After painting in inks and wee brushes for the past 2 months, one can imaging coming from a background of painting murals and getting his hands dirty, one really misses it. Throwing paint at planks of wood and getting my hand all involved felt sensational once again. The 2 images below will end up a lot different and have a wide range of colours to emphasize these sugar skulls to be.  

Some of the foods I've been eating a lot lately, been living off salads, beans and vegan falafel baps. Do love my black rice and ever since working at one of night jobs I've grown a love for olives, so greek salads have become part of my everyday life. Im currently updating my website so when I come back from my travels beginning of next month, by which point id received my magazine with 2 of my illustrations in it. Woop Woop. I can than post them up along with everything from the past 2 months of my manic life.

Cheeky wee photo of myself working on image 'Virgin De Guadalupe', at one of my desks before painting it all up onto wood. Will keep you all updated with the progression of these pieces and my new life.