So My Traveling Begins: UK/ Scotland/ Spain

After the past few crazy months of producing artworks, working at my jobs and trying to find my feet again with my new life in the big smoke. I've saved enough pennies to go traveling again on my own and get lost in new places far from home. Got a few spray cans packed up  and will be reunited with my haggis dish again but only this time round, it will be vegan haggis. I have looked online at the ingredients of a veggy haggis and it approved vegan friendly, WOOP WOOP.

So my traveling begin and get to these cheeky wee bad boys across Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling and maybe Aberdeen. Will also be stopping in Brighton, Yorkshire, maybe Newcastle if I can squeeze it in. From there I fly to Spain to let loose some tectris shapes moves with my best mate and get up to mischief as always. 

I highly doubt I will be blogging anything till I come back next month. You can follow me on my journey and read who's invited to the party in my tummy , via twitter @MrRubbertoes . 

Speak to you all very soon ladies and gentlemen,