S90 oilcooler hookup

The 100cc motor I've been runnning this season has the tendency to overheat after a few laps, So even though I like the empty looks of the frame, I will be fitting an oilcooler for next season.
To look at the options, I started drilling into an original headcover, it had a broken fin anyway, so nothing was lost.
But it turned out pretty well, I have my oilcooler hookup now.

The top oil line runs up because that was where the broken fin was.

I think the new motor wil really like this, as it has a topend based on the ATC110 with cast steel cilinder, something I want to put together over the winter, you can see what it will look like mounted on the empty motor here:

this will become a 122cc motor with CT110 crank and 56mm piston.