R is for.....Rayburn!

Well the Rayburn is certainly in full operation and I can not begin to describe the difference between this year and the last few years - regarding the heating of this house. The same time last year we always seemed to be cold yet now the house is most definitely warm as toast.
Yes - it is different from the Aga - the top oven may be as hot but the bottom oven really is ok for warming through - not quite the capacity to slow cook like the Aga. The hotplates too - not as hot as the Aga but we are getting use to it all. The HUGE difference is this little beauty has a boiler which generates the central heating - yes the house is warm! Loving it! What makes me smile too are the comments we have received about the lovely colour - yes whilst my girly friends and neighbours comment the remarkable ones have come from the chimney sweep, the roofer and the windowcleaner! lol! Strange yet so so true!

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