Q is for Question.....

In our QUEST to re-vamp our house we went looking at carpets.....well when I say WE LOOKED it would be more accurate to say I DRAGGED Jon into the carpet showroom!
Question - "Do you like looking at carpets?"

I was first into the showroom (no surprises there) and noticed a carpet which caught my eye. On entering the shop, Jon walked over to where I was standing (bearing in mind there were several rolls of carpet on display) and pointing to the one I had earmarked announced "That one - I really like that one!" Once I had come round we did a calculation and left the shop to talk it over.
We are not ready for the carpet yet - the plasterer can not come until 28th November - but I did have a colour in mind! (wait and see!).....any ideas?
We returned the following day and put a deposit on the carpet - I was convinced the world and his wife wanted the same colour! lol!

Now - answering queries about our church - here are some photographs of the inside - I am sure you will agree it is a typicl quentesentialyl british church - notice the norman arch!

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